The living were outnumbered by the undead at Zombie Walk

Sister Zombies lean in for an attack on the living  during the Zombie Walk through Rockford Saturday, Oct. 22.

BIRTHDAYS — October 29–November 4

30 Jeff Spoelma, Gene VanPutton, David Zapf 31 Fred Bartlett, Evelyn Brink, Matt Conran, Audery Heintz, Judy Johnson,Eric Karloski, Gene VanPutten NOVEMBER 1 Pat DeGlopper-Mull, Amanda (Welch) Phipps, Nancy C. Simonis, Craig Williams 2 Dennis Bandemer, Bob Clawson, Julia Laage 3 Royce Newman, Kate Sickrey 4 Nicole Huber, Jorge Rodriguez, Karen TerKeurst

THE TAX ATTIC with Jerry Coon

Tax news, good and bad We received some good news/bad news from the federal government last week. The Consumer Price Index for this year showed an increase of 3.6%. The good news is the 55 million people who receive Social Security benefits are entitled to a 3.6% increase in those benefits beginning in January 2012. […]

MAIN STREET by Roger Allen, publisher

Credit the Irish The Irish tend to seize any excuse for a celebration. What we call Halloween goes back to an ancient Celtic festival that observed a supposed overlapping of the worlds of the living and the dead. The name of the festival, Samhain, derives from Old Irish and means, roughly, “summer’s end.” Carve those […]

Bilski and Ducat promoted by Rockford


The City of Rockford is pleased to announce the promotion of Mr. Andy Bilski and Mr. Dave Ducat to fulltime positions with the Department of Public Services. Dave and andy will fill the position of two longtime Public Services workers, Chris Dempsey and Bill Lafollette, who have recently announced their retirement. We wish Chris and […]