October 29 2009

No tricks – all treats at Rockford’s last Farm Market

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by CLIFF AND NANCY HILL Jack-o-lantern pumpkins are the symbol of Halloween and for the past month nowhere have pumpkins been more evident than at Rockford’s hugely popular Farm Market. The calendar has conspired this year to have Halloween fall on this season’s last Farm Market. This coming Saturday is your last chance to say good-bye to your favorite vendors and stock up on the abundant bounty of a successful fall harvest. Along with carving pumpkins their display tables will be heavily laden with late season crops that store well and can be bought in volume. Vendors are more than happy to share their knowledge of storage techniques—just ask. Many, but not all, of the produce items available will be: pie pumpkins, squash and potatoes of all varieties, late harvest greens including broccoli and multi-colored cauliflower, cider, and apples, apples, apples! The Michigan apple harvest this year was one of the largest and most successful on record. Many varieties of apples can be stored for months in a cool dry environment such as a basement or a garage that stays above freezing. Again, vendors can advise which varieties store the best. Farm Market vendors are in general agreement that this year’s Rockford Farm Market season was the most successful ever. Even on the few days of inclement weather, faithful market goers showed up in good numbers. This year brought the addition of the Market’s newest regular vendor, Earthkeeper Farms. Practicing strictly sustainable and organic farming methods, Andrew and Rachelle Bostwick, found their farm’s offerings so popular that at times they had to double the size of their stall. Not only were they busy harvesting their crops; Rachelle harvested their first child, a bouncing baby boy (future farmhand) Liam Isaac Bostwick. Toward the end of the season a vendor couple appeared sporting a huge copper kettle. Throughout the morning the kettle produced an instant Market success—Old Fashioned Kettle Corn. As they stirred the contents in the heated kettle, the aroma produced caused huge lines to form to sample and purchase the sweet treat. The Rockford Lions Market Masters were also busy popping theater popcorn in this year’s newly placed Market Master Mini-barn. Bags of popcorn were available for just a dollar to support the good works of […]

Pricing, product better than big box at Rockford Floor

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“You won’t come in my store to see what is on sale and get a great deal. You will come into my store and find what you want and get a great price,” Randy VanderWerp, owner of Rockford Floor Covering described his philosophy of pricing. “We don’t hold sales and we never mark up prices, to mark them down in front of our customers. We have always, consistently kept our pricing low, so I guess you could say that everything is always on sale, if that’s the way you want to view it,” stated VanderWerp. The volume of Rockford Floor Covering’s sales is what allows him to negotiate for the best pricing, said VanderWerp. “That definitely gives us an edge, to pass that savings on to our customers. The other thing is that we don’t play games with our pricing—no “razzle-dazzle”—no “you get this for free,” or “only $99 labor” on a job you know will realistically cost more. That one really gets me. Most people are very aware that workers need to be paid a certain level, so if someone is not charging you for their labor, they must get that money somewhere else,” said VanderWerp. There are a lot of games Rockford Floor Covering refuses to play with its customers—games to make it sound like customers are getting a better deal. “It sounds better if you sell carpet for $1 a foot than $9 a yard. If I tell you a carpet is $2 per (square) foot, you are more apt to like that pricing rather than the $18 per (square) yard. It’s human nature,” according to VanderWerp. “We recommend that people get complete estimates, listing costs for each individual item, and have more than one person measure the space. They stick to the formula that has worked for them since the store first opened in 1981; having a great selection, having knowledgeable salespeople who can help customers choose the type of products that will perform the way the customer needs, having consistently low pricing, offering great service, and continuing to be there after the sale is over. Rockford Floor services a vast array of customers, including remodelers and builders from all over the state of Michigan. A testimonial from a sales representative […]

Rockford Rotary begins annual Citrus Fruit and Nut Sale

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Leaders of the Rockford Rotary are excited to announce the kick-off of this year’s fruit and nut sale. For over 30 years area residents have looked forward to the club’s annual sale of fresh picked, tree ripened, Indian River oranges and grapefruit. Delivery this year will be December seventh. Rotary members are contacting friends and neighbors for orders as this paper goes to press. Each year the fruit is eagerly anticipated as it offers a sweetness and freshness that can’t be found in the normal market. Fruit is picked and sorted in Florida on the weekend, shipped on Sunday and delivered Monday and Tuesday. In addition to fruit options, Rotarians have been offering fresh roasted cashews for several years. All these products bring a special sense of holiday anticipation to homes and make wonderful seasonal gifts. If you haven’t purchased fruit or nuts before you are encouraged to contact a Rotarian or send your order to Rockford Rotary, Box 492, Rockford, MI 49341. Prices and Quantities are:  4/5 bushel ( approximately 64 oranges) $27 4/5 bushel (approximately 32 grapefruit) $27 4/5 bushel mixed fruit (1/2 order of each) $27 2/5 Bushel any combination of above $20 1/5 Bushel any combination of above $14 1 pound of fresh roasted cashews $12.50  Payment is due on delivery, so include your name address and phone number. Deadline for orders is November 18.

Wolverine Skyhawks present flight night for Scouts

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to check out the action as planes were buzzing through the air. Aircraft of all sizes and shapes were on hand for the boys to view and ask questions about. The club members took turns explaining their aircraft to the boys and giving a flight demonstration. Hands on experience was also available through a special computerized flight simulator provided by the club. To end the evening, the boys were presented with their own small glider plane to assemble and fly, by the club. Pack 3285 would like to thank the Wolverine Skyhawks for a great night of flight! IN CONTROL—Jerry Hough works the controls as the Scouts check out the different planes on the display.

B-93 Roofsit Concert for Kids

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The second annual B-93 Roofsit Concert for Kids will be held at the Van Andel Arena on Sunday, November 1, 2009 at 7 p.m. The headlining act will be Country Star Dierks Bentley. The opening acts are Garry Allen and Josh Thompson. Tickets are on sale now at Ticketmaster fo $22.50, $32.50 and $42.50. In the week leading up to the concert B-93 Radio will produce five free live acoustic concerts across West Michigan. On Monday, October 26, 2009 Blaine Larson appeared free at Celebration Cinema in Portage. On Tuesday, October 27, 2009 Emily West performed free at the Hastings Walmart. On Wednesday, October 28, 2009 Bucky Covington performed free at Tractor Supply in Cedar Springs between 6 and 7 p.m. On Thursday, October 29, 2009 Jimmy Wayne will perform free at Celebration Cinema at Rivertown Crossings Mall in Grandville between 6 and 7 p.m. On Saturday, October 31, 2009 David Nail will perform free at Celebration Cinema South at 2 p.m. in Grand Rapids.

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