Open Mic

Open mic brings more music to downtown

August 27, 2009 // 0 Comments

Newly-renovated Garden Club Park has seen more music and free entertainment this summer with Open Mic Wednesdays. Individuals have been invited to show off their talent in song on the stage, located on the banks of the Rogue River on Wednesdays. “This is another way to make use of the stage and setting,” said City Manager Michael Young. Young joined in the show Wednesday, August 19, signing up with friend Jerry Douthett and singer Amanda Jones to offer their version of the Stones’ You Don’t Always Get What You Want and Janis Joplins’ Me and Bobby McGee. Douthett played guitar, Jones amazed crowds with her vocal talents and Young contributed in song and playing the egg. Jones said she has been singing since she was in Rockford High School choir. “We’ve been playing at all the major venues,” Young told the crowd. “We’ve played at Sparta, at Harvard and in Smyrna.” See videos from the evening (NOTE – Files are 8 meg +, please be patient waiting for the downloads): Big Daddy and the Eggman 1 Big Daddy and the Eggman 2 Big Daddy and the Eggman 3