Pastor Ron Aulbach

A Message for You — November 18, 2009

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Did You Know, 1.0 by PASTOR RON AULBACH BridgeWay Community Church Have you noticed that we live in a world where the rate of change is just staggering? You compare this era to your childhood and you find yourself saying, “When I was your age…” and then you give a full description of what life was like for you just a few decades ago. It always involves you walking uphill, both ways, in the snow. What do you do in an ever-changing world, where you don’t get to vote on the change? Sometimes you like the change. Sometimes the change affects you in such a way that is brutal on your family, finances and faith. The only way to navigate a changing world is to hold onto an unchanging God. There are some viral videos on YouTube called “Did You Know?” and they demonstrate how information is getting easier and easier to access. There are over 240 million televisions in our country, and what’s staggering is over two million of them are in bathrooms! Apple now boasts over 100,000 iPhone apps. The average teenager sends 2,272 text messages per month. One ambitious teen in Los Angeles, Brady James, holds the current record of over 217,000 text messages in one month! Doctors have classified a new injury for patients who use a Blackberry device, called tenosynovitis, also known as Texter’s Thumb. “What doesn’t change?” you might ask. The love of God and his unending pursuit of you and me does not change. This is good news. You don’t have to worry, He will not go out of fashion. A better 2.0 version is not in the works for you to upgrade. Of all the statistics that shocked me the most was that over one million new books get published every year. Yet one book has outsold them all. It’s the Bible, and it offers us life through a relationship with Jesus. Maybe that’s why the writer of Hebrews made this very simple statement—the original “Did You Know?”—“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever,” (Hebrews 13:8). He is not surprised by change. You can trust him with every doubt and struggle you face.

Church Message — June 25, 2009

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Jesus the Know-It-All by PASTOR RON AULBACH BridgeWay Community Church You ever meet someone who just seems to know far too much about, well, everything? You have a problem with your car and based on your amateur diagnosis, the person knows exactly how to fix it, the tools required, part number, and where it was on sale last week. And whether it’s cars, home repair, investment tips or career advice, they seem to always have the answer. I have lots of “know it alls” in my life, because I attract them, and when it comes to projects around the house, my wife reminds me how much I need them. Jesus meets his first followers by chartering the boat of an unsuspecting fisherman struggling in his career. He orders Peter to “put out into deep water, and let down the nets for a catch,” (Luke 5:4). This is where Jesus goes from great teacher and extraordinary healer, to “know it all.” Think of it, Peter is an experienced fisherman; what does Jesus know about fishing? He was a carpenter, a carpenter’s son in fact, venturing into his new career as a public speaker, but thinks he knows how to fish better than Peter. Jesus the Know-It-All thinks he knows how to do Peter’s job better than Peter. In fact, he thinks he knows how to do your job better than you do, too. The only thing worse than a know-it-all is the know-it-all who’s always right. The story concludes with such an amazing catch of fish that the net almost breaks, the boat begins to sink, and it takes a team of men to haul the catch back to shore. You see, Jesus is the know-it-all because he has something to say about everything you question and need help with: your marriage, career, finances, addictions and fears. From the big questions to the small, Jesus is a know-it-all because Jesus has something of value to say about every arena of your life. Are you listening and trusting him to take you out into the deep waters of faith? Journey with him, and let him show you what he knows best.

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