Plainfield Township Clerk Scott Harvey

Clerk upset over clerk pay decision: ‘I’m not going to go down in flames’

April 5, 2012 // 0 Comments

Plainfield board sets compensation at $32,000 by BETH ALTENA Despite much protest by the Plainfield Township Clerk Scott Harvey, the board set compensation for the position of clerk statutory duties (those required of the position by law) at $32,000 effective after the election in November. The lengthy discussion and explanation before the nine residents who were present during a special meeting held March 12 spelled out base salaries for the minimum duties performed by the elected positions of supervisor, treasurer and clerk. In the previous Monday’s special meeting considering changes in salaries of the three positions, the board described the difference between statutory duties associated with each position compared to compensation for taking on additional work. In the March 5 meeting, in which no action was taken, the board discussed a report by a committee researching the issue. The committee proposed reducing the clerk pay from $64,272 to $32,000; reducing the treasurer pay from $66,200 to $20,000; and increasing the supervisor’s pay from $12,400 to $15,000. The $32,000 was based on a formula from a study performed by the Center for Social Research at Calvin College. The township’s former clerk, Sue Morrow, had held the title for 24 years before losing the position to Harvey. Her pay after her long tenure was over $64,000 plus benefits. All three positions have statutory duties associated with the jobs that must be performed by each office, and all three jobs at Plainfield Township have traditionally included salaries that reflect not just those duties but also other work former and current office holders have performed. Supervisor George Meek said that in Plainfield Township, the difference between the required (statutory) duties and additional duties and the compensation for each have never been defined. “I appreciate the process we are going through,” said newly sworn-in Treasurer Jack Hagedorn, who accepted the job after long-time Treasurer James Stover resigned last month. “I appreciate the position Scott is in and am thinking back to when Sue Morrow was here. If we had the conversation then, we’d probably have the same conversation.” Hagedorn said much of the work Harvey performs was carried over from when Morrow was doing the job, but he pointed out that no individual should expect to retain elected office forever. […]