73rd District Representative Peter MacGregor

April 14, 2011 // 0 Comments

Governor’s proposal is a proposal—budgeting is a process by PETER MACGREGOR State Representative 73rd District Since the Governor unveiled some of his ideas and his budget proposal, my office phone and e-mail inbox has been flooded with ideas, encouragement, concerns, misconceptions and sometimes outright misinformation from constituents about what will happen in this upcoming budget. I want to stress that the Governor’s proposal is just that—a proposal. There is a budgeting process that will now occur and is quickly occurring as the Governor has asked us to pass a budget three months earlier than constitutionally required. Most of you have greater day-to-day obligations and priorities than to concern yourself with how the state budget process works, so I wanted to briefly explain what will be happening between now and June 1. A total budget dollar amount is determined for a year in advance (because we have to budget a year in advance) by a revenue estimate from the non-partisan fiscal office. This total amount is then given to the Governor, who provides his proposal to the legislature, broken down by department. The leadership in both the House and Senate review the Governor’s proposal, as well as take that total dollar amount, break it up into the various budgets for each department, and give the budget chairman “target numbers” for their respective budgets. Some of these target numbers are different than what the Governor has determined to spend on each department. However, the total amount is the same. Each budget chairman then compares the Governor’s recommendation line by line with the priorities of their district, their caucus and the various groups that the budget may affect. Changes may or may not be made, depending on the department and each budget passes out of its respective appropriations subcommittee, then full appropriations committee, then the full chamber in both the House and Senate. Where differences arise between the House and Senate, a conference committee comes together to negotiate the differences, and final approval from each chamber occurs before all the budgets are sent to be signed into law by the Governor. In the past, each department budget was sent individually with line items “rolled down” so that an explanation and dollar amount for each item is easily accessible. […]

Libertarian candidate Rogers announces election bid

July 1, 2010 // 0 Comments

Asserting an unwavering commitment to the residents of Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District, James Rogers has formally announced his bid for election to the 3rd Congressional District of Michigan for the U.S. House of Representatives. A Michigan native, loving father and committed husband, Rogers has proven himself to be an extraordinary and compassionate leader. His focus is to restore fiscally responsible policies to our nation’s economy, rebuild a free market healthcare system and secure our nation’s energy future. Applying logic and understanding, Rogers will form strategic alliances with like-minded congressional leaders. “Having spent most of my life working as a professional technician and a sales representative, I have developed a profound respect for hard-working Michigan workers and business owners,” Rogers said. “Michigan should be a leading force in moving the nation’s economy forward.” Rogers’ highest priority will be working to strike political balance and execute sound decision-making on behalf of Michigan citizens in Washington, D.C. “We must create an economic environment that creates opportunity for Michigan businesses and encourages growth in our great state,” Rogers said. “In doing so, it is critical that we consider the long-term impact on all decisions in Washington, D.C.” Rogers is strongly committed to sensible tax reform and is committed to keeping tax dollars in Michigan, allowing working citizens to keep more of their hard-earned money. “The Libertarian Party will be fielding more than eighty candidates across Michigan in the upcoming November elections,” Rogers said. “I encourage all the voters of West Michigan to seriously evaluate all Libertarian Party candidates on the ballot this fall and send a message to the republican and democratic politicians that they can finally hear… loud and clear.” Rogers commented on the recent debate between the republican and democrat contenders during the Chamber of Commerce-sponsored event at Davenport University. “It is clear I will provide a clear and decisive choice for the voters in the 3rd District in the November election,” Rogers said. “The debate was low key and offered up the same tired old political rhetoric which is predictable at this type of event. I will work tirelessly to represent the citizens of Michigan’s 3rd District and all residence of Michigan. I believe in leading by example. I am honored to have the opportunity to […]

Norton campaigns for 73rd District seat

July 1, 2010 // 0 Comments

Thomas Norton was the first Republican to register as a candidate for Michigan’s 73rd District North Kent County, starting his campaign last October with the same views and determination as now. Norton does promise to bring sound constitutional judgment, experience in business and a promise to hold meeting in every township at least once a year to make sure he is representing the district as a whole. Norton promises not to personally attack his opponents, but their stand on the issues and past practices as to the issues. He also promises not to campaign on Sundays. Norton has a degree in business administration. He attended Baker College for his associate’s degree and AIU for his B.A. Norton has turned every store and department that he has managed back into the black by thinking outside the box and utilizing the materials at hand. He has managed several different grocery departments for Meijer, at their request in order to turn them around, and was a Holiday store manager. A business experience that our state needs makes Norton capable of understanding the challenges of meeting department budgets and increased sales in order to create jobs. He can help lead Michigan by thinking outside of the box with limited materials to create jobs. He also has experience in tactical operations and command with the Army National Guard with an Infantry MOS. This makes Bob Becker and Tom Norton the only two candidates running in the 73rd District to have worn the uniform of this country. Contrary to what some believe, Norton, not his campaign people, has been going door to door, introducing himself and his beliefs since the day after filing. Norton is a viable candidate, a member of the Tea Party of West Michigan, Campaign for Liberty Caucus, NRA, Michigan Fair Tax, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, and Michigan Army National Guard (DOD exempt). Norton’s philosophy is Constitutional Conservatism. Quotes that sum up his philosophy are: “Just because you do not take interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take interest in you,” Pericles (430 B.C.), and “The constitution is not neutral. It is designed to take the government off the backs of the people,” William O. Douglas. Norton is running because Michigan is broken and he sees very […]

Andrejczak runs for county commissioner

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Deck Andrejczak is currently employed by BASF, where he has worked for seven years as a supplier to manufacturing businesses throughout Western Michigan and the Midwest. In addition to his employment, Andrejczak has a passion for the lakes, outdoor winter sports and personal finances. He is currently a board member of the Diamond Lake Property Owners Association and a current member of the American Association of Snowboard Instructors, Rental Property Owners Association and National Rifle Association. He has a desire to bring new ideas and concepts to those he works with and teaches. He also enjoys learning from those who have had different experiences than his own. Other interests that Andrejczak has include: short-, medium- and long-term goal-setting and planning sessions with his friends, owning and managing rental properties, as well as playing guitar. He and his wife, Elizabeth (Liz), have two children. They purchased a house in Rockford in 2005 where they currently live today. Prior to living in Rockford, he lived in Gaines Township since 2000, where he still has property today. Andrejczak was raised in Newaygo, Mich., where he graduated from Newaygo High School. He received his bachelor’s degree from Ferris State University with additional certificate courses in finance from Cornell. Andrejczak looks forward to the opportunity to serve the 3rd district of Kent County in the role of one of our county commissioners.

Hawley runs for State House seat

July 1, 2010 // 0 Comments

Bruce Hawley, a candidate for State Representative in the 73rd District, is a lifelong resident of northern Kent County. Hawley and his wife Jean have four daughters and six grandchildren. He is a retired business manager of Ironworkers. As an active 50-year member of Holy Family Church in Sparta, 30-year president of Tri-City Little League, and board member of Kent City Schools and Tradewinds Credit Union, his community involvement and leadership has uniquely prepared him for public service. Hawley’s focus in Lansing will be helping businesses create jobs through lower taxes and less regulation, support agriculture and farmland preservation, and promote utilization of our natural resources to help stimulate our economy. His commitment to safe communities has garnered the endorsements of the Michigan Association of Police Officers and Fire Fighters. He’s a strong supporter of education and his plan to fix the structural deficit in the school aid fund is supported by Dr. Michael Shibler, respected superintendent of Rockford Public Schools. For more information about his candidacy, visit www.electbrucehawley.org.

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