President Barack Obama

Presidential Letters Go All the Way to the White House

March 19, 2009 // 0 Comments

Who wouldn’t like the chance to steer our highest elected official in the right direction for the United States? For two Meadow Ridge Elementary students, words to the country’s new president are to become a page in history. All three fifth-grade classes at Meadow Ridge took part in a nation-wide project by kidthing, Connecting Kids Project in partnership with the National Education Association. Students sent letters to President Obama expressing their thoughts and hopes for the future. From over 4,500 submissions, 150 were to be chosen to be published in a book. With such odds, students set to their task, but had no guarantee any of the Rockford letters would make the cut. Teachers Christine Stall and Mr. Frasier were surprised when their students Zach Julien and Kameron Ford came in to school with letters of congratulations. Their letters were among the few chosen by kidthing to be included in the publication, available free on-line, as well as in a limited print edition to be presented to President Obama at the White House.