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Need a Hand? Lean on Me

May 14, 2009 // 0 Comments

by RICH ZECK It’s time to spill the beans on one of our area’s biggest and best kept secrets. I can no longer look the other way and keep it hush-hush. There may even be a conspiracy or a massive cover up to keep the rest of the world from knowing about this secret. How sinister is that? It’s time to reveal to the world the truth about a place that helps people just because they ask for help without any questions asked.  Lean on Me Outreach Center located at 11555 Edgerton Road is a place like I have never experienced. Lean on Me is an outreach organization that supports our community by helping struggling families. Here is what separates this organization from anything I have ever known. If you walk through the doors you do not have to “qualify or justify” yourself in order to get help. Asking for help can sometimes be a very embarrassing and humbling experience. On top of that having to explain it to someone who will determine your eligibility can be even more emotionally draining.  When you walk through the doors of Lean on Me, the staff already knows why you are there and their only purpose is to serve and meet your needs with love and compassion. You must be thinking there has to be a catch. Who gives unconditionally to those in need without strings attached?  The answer is surprising simple: the 75 volunteers who serve over 1,600 people each week out of a simple warehouse right here in Rockford do. This outreach center, that started nearly seven years ago, is an outreach ministry of Resurrection Life Worship Center on 10 Mile Road.  While it is an outreach ministry, the church provides only a fraction of the financial support necessary to run this community machine. There are no other churches or governmental monies helping to support this huge program. The majority of the financial support comes from the community and that includes all walks of life, religions and race and on and on. This is what makes this outreach so awesome. It is an organization for the people and by the people. If you have never met the director Lisa Shaffer, please for your own safety, […]