Riana Hain-Gachire

Student earns full-ride arts scholarship

September 10, 2009 // 0 Comments

‘If you really want to accomplish something, you can do it’ Riana Hain-Gachiri, 13, may have a future in the world of art. The student who began her second year at North Rockford Middle School (NRMS) this week, has earned a full-ride scholarship to Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp and has also had her work chosen for display at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Riana was highly recommended by her art teacher, Rachel Kibbe, who gave the girl a glowing review. “Riana is creative, hard-working and talented,” Kibbe said. “Riana is not only exceptional in terms of her artworks, she is a natural leader and encourager.” Riana was in Kibbe’s painting and sculpture class at NRMS. “I think it is inspiring,” said Riana’s mother, Alison. “If you really want to accomplish something, you can do it.” Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp has been mentoring young artists for 43 years and is known as a prestigious institution. Being accepted and having the school cover the tuition is an incredible achievement. Alison Hain gives credit to the Rockford school system. “It shows what a fine school North Rockford Middle School is,” she said. “Riana just loves her school and her teachers.” Riana’s painting will be displayed at the University of Michigan for the month of July 2010. Carol Tice, art department director at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, said the display will be in an exhibit which is part of the “Experience Blue Lake” celebration, showcasing art by the students of the camp. Kibbe said, “Riana would be a fantastic addition to any art camp. Her kindness, talent and work ethic make her a delightful student.”