Rick Geldhof

Secrets of a Sunken Cannon Revisited

April 8, 2009 // 0 Comments

by RICH GELDHOF The awesome secret answers are part of Bob’s legacy that I preserved near the end of this chapter. Our biggest secret was that we did extensive ley line electromagnetic field investigations from 1-10 miles distant of Cannonsburg, but shrunk it to within a two-mile radius of Cannonsburg.  We felt it was improbable for five men to haul the killer cannon on a rickety carriage out of town, depart, hide or bury it and return to Cannonsburg within one hour.  Remember it “squeaked” when being moved. We also thought “Why would they just haul it out of town and hide the cannon? This cannon killed their friend and they were so grief stricken why wouldn’t they destroy it? Wouldn’t it be logical that someone would find a hidden cannon or smashed cannon? Would they bury it before or after the funeral?  Wouldn’t you think that someone could easily find where it was buried by the disturbed soil? These were valid questions we tried to answer as we consumed buckets of popcorn in Alan Janose’s basement. When we met at Honey Creek Inn to discuss our search, quite often the loud chatter in the restaurant would lessen as if all the other ears were straining to hear what we were discussing. The cannon could have been hidden from view or moved to another distant spot after the funeral. It could have been buried upon the property of the founding fathers that accepted the honorable cannon from LeGrand Cannon. Bob always concentrated his search within one-half mile of Cannonsburg due to departure and arrival of the five men back in 1885. He miscalculated time and distance traveled, too,  hence the first big dig. Over the last two years I’ve asked numerous residents in Cannonsburg and Cannon Township, “Where could those five men have gone to dispose, hide or bury the ancient relic?” The place did exist. I can’t tell you right now who, what, when, where, why and how Bob’s dream and Secrets of a Sunken Cannon ends before challenging you to a duel using billions of brain cells per person. To achieve our dreams we must all learn how to concentrate and focus our brain to realize our dreams.  Our three-pound brain controls over […]