Riley Jensen

Teen publishes first novel available at Aunt Candy’s

August 25, 2011 // 0 Comments

Girl wrote, illustrated first in series  A Rockford student is proud to offer her first book in a series of three for sale and believes the accomplishment is something anyone with a passion for writing can do if they put their mind to it. Riley Jensen, 14, will be attending the Rockford Freshman Center next school year and plans to complete the next two books in her “Alice Acadamy” series soon. She calls her main character Alice and the first book “Alice Acadamy,” which will be followed by “Finding Alice” and “Good-bye Alice.” “I have written my whole life and love to do so,” said Riley. “I also illustrated the drawings inside Alice Acadamy and plan to keep that as a tendency.” Riley said her family self-published the books and plans to keep doing so “until I have become more established or if someone makes me an offer.” Riley said she realized she wanted to write her own fiction when her sixth-grade English and history teacher, Sarah Reichard, gave the class a poetry assignment in which her piece “Foot” was printed in the newspaper. “I had always been trying to complete a book and never came close to finishing it,” Riley said. Riley also loves drawing and doing a bit of photography. “These are two things I am debating on also making a part of my career,” she said. “I also enjoy kayaking down the river with my family as a great exercise in addition to being able to witness nature. I have a love for swimming also, but do not like going into it competitively. Reading is also another of my hobbies.” Riley decided on Aunt Candy’s Toy Company as the venue from which to market her book because owner Candy Lancioni has been a life-long friend of the girl. “I have known Aunt Candy since I was a baby and she is a very close and dear friend of mine. Without her generous help, I wouldn’t have been able to sell my book like I have,” Riley stated. The books are $10 each with personal illustrations by the author. “Who better than the author herself to bring the characters to life?” Riley’s mother Yvonne said of her daughter’s efforts, “I’m very proud of her. Of […]