River Valley Academy Benjamin Andrew Enter

River Valley Academy Benjamin Andrew Enter, an Example in Excellence

March 24, 2011 // 0 Comments

Friendly nature and helpful attitude evident in motivated student Benjaman Andrew Enter led the River Valley Academy effort in the “Year of the Ram” by participating in painting the school’s Ram. He maintained an excellent attitude of cooperation while under a strict time schedule, helping to incorporate various design schemes into the final project. Ben’s friendly nature and helpful approach make him a great fit at River Valley Academy. The school demands an adult-like attitude and intrinsic motivation, both of which Ben has shown daily as he continues to earn credit toward graduation. He appeared in a number of plays in school and community theater, including Dickens’ Oliver Twist, Les Miserables, Dreaming of Emerald Isle, Dead Man Walking, and Robin of the Long Bow. Ben is interested in a variety of outside activities including cooking, singing, reading, listening to all kinds of music—yes, even opera—and community service projects at North Kent Community Services and Our Lady of Consolation Church. Ben is planning on an internship during his final high school year. After high school, Ben plans on completing the prestigious culinary program at Grand Rapids Community College. He also aspires to continue acting and would like to appear in the Addams Family Musical and other professional productions.