Residents, officers already feeling pinch of closed courtroom

INCONVENIENCE—Morey Butler is frustrated he can’t pay a ticket at the Rockford court on Wednesday, November 11. His wife Joanne forgot to hang her handicapped sign in her car and received a ticket. “We live in Howard City. It is inconvenient that we will have to drive to Grand Rapids now. We don’t like this at all,” Morey said. “I’d like to say to the judge that I am proud of him. He is a good man. I admire him, you bet I do.”

When state financial conditions deteriorated and plans for a third judge in the immediate future dissolved, Servaas made vocal his disapproval of the move. A public falling out took place between the two existing judges, Chief Judge Sara Smolenski and himself. Servaas believes there is plenty to prove that the county was behind an attempt […]