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RCS Students participate in downtown Rockford scavenger hunt

January 28, 2010 // 0 Comments

Gingerbread Scavenger Hunt Teaches Kids About Navigating Their Community More than 40 first-and second-graders from Rockford Christian School raced around downtown Rockford in January during their Gingerbread Scavenger Hunt. Prior to the event, students learned about communities and how to read maps using landmarks and street signs. Students traveled in groups of five or six children and were given clues to various destinations around town. The clues took the students to Krause Library, Douglas R. Martin Dental, Rockford Flooring, the Post Office, the Corner Bar, the dam, the Foot Depot, the fire department, Wardís Barber Shop, and the Rockford Community Federal Credit Union. At each location, the racers would ask, “Have you seen our gingerbread friends?” To which the merchants would reply, “They were here, but quickly left, leaving behind this clue.” The students were then given another clue to the next destination. One of the parent-chaperones said, “The kids ran the entire time. It was non-stop fun.” The last clue took the students to the banquet room at Arnie’s. The racers then decorated gingerbread cookies with sprinkles, gum drops, and frosting. It was a great day for some fun in downtown Rockford. Special thanks to the amazing merchants in Rockford for making this event a great learning experience for the students.

Local teacher to live in tree

January 21, 2010 // 0 Comments

RCS teacher promotes fundraising through Operation Squirrel Rockford Christian junior high teacher, David Buth, has once again challenged the middle school students with an exciting fundraiser goal. For every $100 the students raise, Mr. Buth has committed an hour of consecutive tree-dwelling. Fundraising has already begun and will last through early spring 2010. Last year during his Operation Squirrel adventure he endured a horrific storm suspended 40-feet above the ground. This year, he intends to live 60-feet off the ground. Not only were Rockford Christian students enraptured last year with his tree-activities, they were also inspired by his commitment to his goals even though at times it was difficult. Mr. Buth is a science teacher with an environmental focus including seven years of teaching, seven years as a camp counselor, and ten years of leading students on wilderness trips. Mr. Buth will lead the summer expedition of middle school students from Rockford Christian School and Grand Rapids Middle School on an exciting trip to attend the Teton Science School for a five-day environmental school. Along the way the students will stop at the Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone, Devils Tower, the Black Hills, and even celebrate Independence Day at Mt. Rushmore. The trip will enable the teens to reconnect with creation, community, self, and God in some of the most spectacular and rich settings in the country. Last year Mr. Buth’s tree-dwelling adventure brought news camera crews to the Rockford Christian campus, along with some generous contributions from local businesses and individuals. In addition to the stream of video and still camera crews, countless families stopped to chat or bring food. Old and the young stood at the base of the tree amazed at how Mr. Buth functioned while using a pulley system to retrieve supplies and Post Office for Operation Squirrel mail (or POOPS for short). The POOPS mail enabled students to ask Mr. Buth questions while he was hanging out in the trees about life that high up or anything in general. In addition, Mr. Buth was the center of attention during the school’s recesses and even taught classes during the day. If you have any questions about Operation Squirrel, please contact Principal Jan VanderWerp at (616) 574-6402 or

Rockford Christian School hosts live nativity

November 25, 2009 // 0 Comments

Seventh annual event scheduled for Dec. 10 from 6 to 8 p.m. On Thursday, Dec. 10, from 6 to 8 p.m. at Rockford Christian School (RCS), 6060 Belding Road, Rockford, allow your family to be transported back in time to Bethlehem and the birth of Jesus Christ. RCS will be performing their seventh annual live nativity, including a live donkey, camel, cow, sheep, and even a real baby portraying our Lord. Each year, hundreds of people experience the joy of the Christmas story as the students and families of RCS make a public statement about the true meaning of Christmas. The school invites all who attend this free event to wander inside the school for hot chocolate and cookies. More than 50 students and parent volunteers give their time to make this outreach program meaningful for visitors. In order to help promote RCS values of academic, spiritual, environmental and service, nearly 30 students work on this program in various capacities. It is a school-family effort that is enjoyed by all. If you have any questions about the live nativity, please contact Principal Jan VanderWerp at (616) 574-6402, or, or visit

RCS students raise crucial funds during annual bike-a-thon

November 18, 2009 // 0 Comments

Rockford Christian School students participate in the school’s annual bike-a-thon to raise much-needed funds.   Almost $18,000 was raised by the student body at Rockford Christian School (RCS) during their third annual bike-a-thon. Over 60 percent of the students participated in the event, with each student averaging $123 in donations. This year’s bike-a-thon kicked off the first full week of school in September. Students were given a few weeks to collect pledges or donations. The event was scheduled for October 3, but, due to the inclement weather, was postponed until October 10. More than 145 students rode, bladed or walked for their pledges. To inspire the middle school students, eighth-grade science teacher, David Buth, an avid bike rider, tallied his miles for the month of September and challenged the middle school students to match his miles. He logged just over 1,000 miles for the month of September, challenging each middle school student to ride at least 15.5 miles. The students logged a total of 727 miles. Students who met the 15.5-mile challenge will enjoy a fitness-feast with Mr. Buth. Event coordinator Amy VanOrman said, “The amazing community support for this event is humbling. Since this is our only fundraiser for the year, we rely heavily on student participation and corporate donations. It’s a blessing to be part of something so wonderful.” The collected monies are used to fund school opportunities like field trips, grade-level environmental projects, tuition, and the school benevolence fund as well as other school-wide programs and equipment needs. For more information about RCS, please contact Principal Jan VanderWerp at (616) 574-6400.

RCS initiates Home School Partnership program

November 5, 2009 // 0 Comments

Rockford Christian School (RCS) recently initiated a community outreach program for home-schooled children in kindergarten up to eighth grade. The Home School Partnership program provides options for families who need help with advanced subjects or those that require specialized training or materials. One Partnership student recently said, “I like the science experiments!” The program offers à la carte options ranging from a full day of classes to pick-and-choose alternatives. The classes are taught by six RCS teachers and include hands-on science (including lab experiments and earth science), Spanish, computer lab, music (band and orchestra), art, writing, and physical education. Optional advanced math classes (e.g., algebra and geometry) are also available. The home-school students can either remain exclusively with other home-school students or they can elect to join the RCS students for recess and lunch. The Partnership students are greeted in the lobby on Tuesday mornings by Principal Jan VanderWerp. The program begins 10 minutes after the first RCS tardy bell. Each student is assigned a locker and escorted from class to class by a Partnership-designated teacher. If the student elects to join the RCS students for lunch and/or recess, an RCS “buddy” is assigned. Hot lunch options are available for the home-school students. The program is offered in five sessions that are six weeks long. This provides scheduling and budgeting flexibility for families if they want to initially try a few classes before committing to a full day. A full-day session (8:50 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.) is $200 and the pick-and-choose alternative is $60 per selected class per session. Discounts are available for families with more than three children. Two years ago, a home-school family approached RCS about options for home-school kids. The RCS administration investigated similar programs throughout Grand Rapids and interviewed countless home-school families in order to create a valuable program. The RCS staff quickly embraced the program and volunteered to forego their allotted class-prep time to teach these specialized classes. The most exciting component of this program for VanderWerp has been witnessing how much the RCS staff has stretched and devoted to making this program a value to the home-school families. “It’s exciting to see the staff live out their faith and commitment to the program and to the school,” said VanderWerp. […]

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