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St. Mary’s Crew Classic dominated by Rockford

May 10, 2012 // 0 Comments

by MARY CLINTHORNE Rockford medaled in 12 out of 19 events on Saturday, May 5, at the St. Mary’s Crew Classic in Orchard Lake, with the women bringing home the first-place trophy and the men earning second-place behind Cleveland St. Ignatius. Other top teams in the women’s competition were Detroit Boat Club (second place) and Toledo St. Ursula (third place). Third place in the men’s competition was claimed by St. Mary’s. The day was partly cloudy with calm winds when the Novice Women’s 8+ led the charge as the first Rockford boat to earn first place. M. Marvin, C. Wadlow, A. Kely, H. Twardy, M. Plekes, T. Kacsits, S. VanFossen, M. Fix, and coxswain S. Doletzky filled that winning boat. They were quickly followed by the Novice Men’s 8+, who continued their season’s unbeaten streak, out-rowing 13 other boats to win gold. Rowers in the Novice Men’s 8+ were A. Karsten, A. Houn, R. O’Grady, Z. Lecceadone, A. LaBadie, J. Ullrey, E. Sawicki, and M. Crimp, with J. Villarreal as coxswain. The Varsity Women’s 4+ (K. Bilardello, K. Korson, K. Fraser, A. Galloway, and coxswain R. DeKorne) ruled their race beating out eight other boats to claim first place. Later, the Varsity Women’s 8+ (Fraser, Korson, Bilardello, A. Dew, A. Andrews, VanFossen, A. Fedeson, Galloway, and coxswain DeKorne) raced past nine other boats to cross the finish line first. Earning second-place medals in their races were the Women’s Lightweight 8+ (E. Prus, S. Sawicki, T. Todd, Fix, Marvin, A. Coberly, Twardy, T. Powers, and coxswain Bri VanderBerg); Women’s Lightweight 4+ (E. Prus, S. VanFossen, T. Powers, Sawicki, with coxswain Bri VanderBerg); Men’s Open 2x (Bryce VanderBerg, and A. Carley); Men’s Lightweight 4+ (K. Clinthorne, T. VanFossen, I. Blenman, D. Itter, and coxswain R. Featherston); and Men’s Varsity 4+ (M. Hendershott, VanderBerg, Carley, C. Fase, and coxswain L. Conner). The Women’s Junior 4+ earned third in a 15-boat race (Andrews, Dew, J. Levin, and E. Emerick, and coxswain DeKorne). Later in the day, the Men’s Lightweight 8+ also rowed to third place (T. Ingersoll, J. Nemeth, C. Jewell, T. Maple, J. Dennis, M. Soloman, K. Loux, S. Ginebaugh, and coxswain Featherston). The day of racing ended as the Varsity Men’s 8+ claimed an additional third-place victory […]

Rockford crew dominates Spring Sprints

April 5, 2012 // 0 Comments

by MARY CLINTHORNE The bleachers in the gym at Forest Hills Central High School rumbled on Saturday, March 24, as the Rockford crew team celebrated another victory. For the fifth consecutive year, Rockford won the Grand Rapids Spring Sprints. The Rams claimed all three top positions in the open boys race, with Bryce VanderBerg setting a Spring Sprints record, finishing the 2,000-meter race in first place with a time of 6:27.6. Second and third places in that race went to Rams Andrew Carley (6:37.5) and Corey Fase (6:46.4), respectively. Rockford medal earners in other races included Tristan VanFossen (6:56.4) and Isaac Blenman (7:04.9) finishing first and second in the lightweight boys 2,000-meter race; Sabrina VanFossen claiming first place in the lightweight girls 2,000-meter race with a time of 8:09.0; Kate Fraser earning third place in the open girls 2,000-meter race with a time of 7:48.1; and Sam Doletsky finishing third (2:02.3) in the 500-meter girls coxswain race. Rockford will be competing on the water for the remainder of the season, with regattas in Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Orchard Lake, and Cincinnati, Ohio.

Rockford crew rows strong in Cincinnati

May 13, 2010 // 0 Comments

Over 50 schools converged at East Fork Lake State Park in Cincinnati, Ohio, over the weekend of May 7 to compete in the Midwest Scholastic Rowing Association Regatta. Racing began early on Saturday with boats competing in “head race” format to earn spots in the semifinals and finals, which were held on Sunday. Head racing involves releasing boats individually in specific timed intervals to gage their 1,500-meter time from start to finish. Boats placing in the top six of their event advanced. By the start of Sunday’s schedule, Rockford men and women had many of their boats positioned in the semifinals. By day’s end, 11 boats made it to finals, giving Rockford enough team points to earn third place overall. The Rockford women’s team was strongly positioned for a second-place finish overall, behind New Trier of Chicago, Ill. Rockford crew had six boats qualify for the National Scholastic Regatta in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., on May 28-29. They were: women’s lightweight eight, women’s junior four, women’s junior eight, women’s senior four, men’s lightweight eight, and men’s junior four. This is the highest number of boats that has qualified for nationals. The medal winners for this weekend’s event were: • Women’s junior eight (second place): Kendra Bilardello, Kara Korson, Kendall McConnohie, Kate Fraser, Amy Fedeson, Lora Gleghorn, Rebecca Markam, Andrea Galloway, coxswain Becca DeKorne. • Women’s lightweight (second place): Raechel Wrona, Molly Guthrie, Galloway, Gleghorn, Chloe McColgan, Lyndsey Felty, Emily Prus, Kate Fugate, coxswain Dani Tefft. • Men’s junior four (second place): Austin Burris, Alex Welch, Bryce Vanderberg, TJ Jacobs, coxswain Mark Nadeau. • Women’s junior four (second place): Bilardello, Korson, McConnohie, Markam, coxswain DeKorne. • Men’s lightweight eight (third place): Sam Berndt, Tyler Truxton, Josh Houn, Sean Ebel, Isaac Blenman, Dylan Itter, Troy Paskiewicz, Scott Ginebaugh, coxswain Sam Tefft. • Women’s senior four (fourth place): Olivia Kacsits, Maddie Anderson, Kate Fraser, Julia Fraser, coxswain Lauren Fay. • Women’s lightweight four (fourth place): Wrona, Rachel Alberta, Guthrie, Stephani Sawicki, coxswain Shelby Hodges. • Women’s lightweight novice four (fifth place): Sam Erickson, Jennifer Vlas, Holly Kregel, Corrine Prater, coxswain Bri Vanderberg. • Men’s lightweight four (fifth place): Paskiewicz, Berndt, Blenman, Itter, coxswain S. Tefft. • Women’s eight (sixth place): Lauren Madsen, Mallory Chrisman, Dana DeBusschere, Donna Pilarski, Courtney […]

Rockford crew earns distinction as Michigan champions

May 21, 2009 // 0 Comments

by CANDY BURRIS The Rockford crew team was prepared and went to Kensington Metro Park with one goal in mind:  to win the state title. They knew the competition would be tough, especially with powerhouses like Ann Arbor Pioneer and Orchard Lake St. Mary’s in attendance. But the Rams charged forward and, at the end of the day, they stood tall and victorious. Of the 13 boats that were entered, all made it to the finals-all which tallied points for the Rams. To make it fair for every participating school, only one boat was allowed per race. So, even though Rockford often had two boats in their lineup throughout the year, only one could be entered for this state regatta. The Rams assembled their best and started claiming the state champion distinction as each boat crossed the finish line. When all was over, the Rams earned seven first-place finishes, one second-place finish, and one third-place finish. Staking claim to first place and earning the title of Michigan state champs were:             men’s double-Tim Carlson, Sebastian Sirecki;             women’s senior four-Michelle Kuhn, Darcy Peck, Olivia Kacsits,          Christine Kasper, coxswain Jenny Denike;             women’s junior four-Maddie Anderson, Megan Korson, Camille Pulver, Rebecca Markam, coxswain Danille Frick;             women’s lightweight eight-Raechel Wrona, Shelby Jacobs, Richelle Huizinga, Molly Guthrie, Chris Scoffield, Clara Harding, Katina Goad, Jane Vandervelde, coxswain Dani Teft;             women’s lightweight four-Wrona, Harding, Jacobs, Scoffield, coxswain Lauren Fay;             women’s junior eight-Anderson, Markam, Pulver, M. Korson, Kara Korson, Kendra Bilardello, Lena Kleinoeder, Sarah Lemanski, coxswain Frick;             women’s junior four-M. Korson, Markam, Anderson, Pulver, coxswain Frick;             men’s junior eight-Andrew Troyanowski, Zach Troyer, Ian Sims, Nate Harrison, Zach Haugen, Jeff Gleghorn, TJ Jacobs, Austin Burris, and coxswain Andrew Saelens. Silver medal winners were the women’s senior eight boat of Shannon Schmutz, Alicia Dickinson, Olivia Neilsen, Marie Albano, Michelle Kuhn, Darcy Peck, Olivia Kacsits, Christine Kasper, and coxswain Jenny Denike. Bronze medal winners were the men’s pair boat of Levi Pulver and Landon Burris. The Rams will compete in two different regattas this weekend. Four of the boats are heading to the Scholastic Rowing Association National Regatta in New Jersey (women’s senior four, women’s junior four, women’s lightweight eight, women’s freshman eight), while the […]