America’s #1 Small Town Farm Market

Have you seen this huge illuminated billboard while exiting US131 eastbound onto 10 Mile Rd. into Rockford?  Some unknown Rockford Farm Market fan clearly wants to shout out his community pride.  Way to go, this is almost better than the soon to arrive “America’s Favorite Farmers Market” banner.

Rockford’s Farm Market voted best in national contest

Using the tried and true “hunt and peck method”, Cliff laboriously inputs one of  the 3,405 farm market contest votes collected Saturday mornings during the  13 weeks of the America’s Favorite Farmers Market contest.

by CLIFF AND NANCY HILL When the online polling site closed last Wednesday evening at midnight, the Rockford Farm Market found itself atop the leader board in ALL market size categories in the 2011 America’s Favorite Farmers Markets contest. The online contest is an annual nationwide challenge, sponsored by the American Farmland Trust, a pro-agriculture […]

6, 083 voters got it absolutely right

This sign of community pride, on the corner of 10 Mile Rd. and E. Main St. in Rockford, says 6,083 words – votes, that is!

Rockford is America’s Favorite Farmers Market—period by CLIFF AND NANCY HILL Every contest or election is won through the support of voters and organizations. Rockford’s winning entry in the America’s Favorite Farmers Markets contest was no exception. This improbable journey began in May of this year when Rockford City Manager Michael Young gave the go […]

Farm market contest results unavailable as Squire goes to press

Green Thumb Acres’ Michelle Flokstra stands beside all of the ingredients needed, including secret herbs and spices, to make awarding-winning salsa.

by CLIFF AND NANCY HILL For the past 13 weeks, The Rockford Squire, your locally owned and original hometown newspaper, has been providing exclusive front-page coverage of the Rockford Farm Market’s improbable race to victory in the America’s Favorite Farmers Markets contest sponsored by the American Farmland Trust. We hope you’ve enjoyed our articles as much […]

Market contest ending, please VOTE! …even if you’ve never been to farm market or hate vegetables

PICTURE PERFECT SETTING—A recent Saturday morning at the soon-to-be (hopefully) America’s Favorite Farmers Markets in beautiful downtown Rockford, Mich.

by CLIFF AND NANCY HILL   Listen up people. When the fat lady sings next Wednesday evening (Aug. 31) at 12:00 a.m. midnight, the America’s Favorite Farmers Markets contest will be over. Rockford Farm Market has been tenaciously clinging to the lead in this nationwide contest for the past eight weeks. Not only do we […]