Rockford FB2B

Rockford’s French exchange program needs your help

December 15, 2011 // 0 Comments

The French Back-To-Back program (FB2B) in Rockford is having additional fundraising efforts to provide an exciting program of both educational and cultural experiences for the French students while they are here in West Michigan. The FB2B program is fully funded by the participating families. Timbers Inn Restaurant at 6555 Belding Road NE is helping with a fundraiser on [...]

Rockford students participate in French exchange program

December 1, 2011 // 0 Comments

Rockford FB2B students (l-r) Hailey Brenner, Sarah Uhall and Mikayla Kruse assemble a “Community Book” which will introduce the French students to the Rockford area. The French-American Student Exchange Program (FASEP) is offering a new foreign exchange opportunity at Rockford middle schools. The “French Back-To-Back” (FB2B) program is a two-week reciprocal [...]