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Letters to the Editor — December 2, 2010

December 2, 2010 // 0 Comments

Reader praises RPS allergy action Dear Editor, I am the leader of a local parent support group, Rockford Food Allergy Network. This fall, we approached the administration of Rockford Public Schools, requesting a written policy to give guidelines for handling children with severe food allergies for the district. They were very cooperative and have written a policy which will not only help to keep kids with life-threatening food allergies safe, but it will streamline the process of setting up safeguards for kids. It also contains tools which will give new parents more guidance when sending their children who face this disability to school for the first time. Not all schools have a written policy and, if they do, they may not have had the foresight to write the policy with the help of parents who deal with this issue on a daily basis. Rockford should be applauded for the willingness to serve the needs of all their students and their dedication to a safe learning environment for everyone. This policy will be presented to the Rockford School Board at the school board meeting on January 11, 2011. I think it would be wonderful if RPS received some positive news coverage for this. Roxanne Meyers Local businesses have huge hearts Dear Editor, We all know that Rockford is an unusually wonderful place to live, and we’ve already got plenty of reasons to feel this way, but I’m going to give you another one. A couple of our local businesses will melt your heart when I tell you how big their hearts are. A few weeks ago I called Tracy at Grand Cakes in downtown Rockford to ask how much baked goods would cost for a bake sale that a few Valley View parents were working on to benefit the McGee family. I explained a little about the McGees and all they’ve been through (Dad has dealt with cancer off and on through the years, Mom has health issues, both sons have Mitochondrial disease, their home is in need of costly repairs, their washer and furnace recently konked out… there’s more, but you get the idea), and there it began. Tracy ended up donating HOURS of work, not to mention TONS of baked goods to help […]