Rockford High School Crew Team

RHS crew members help special needs students experience fun on water

June 28, 2012 // 0 Comments

by CINDY M. CRANMER Working together to benefit special needs students was the goal of everyone involved in a recent activity on the Rogue River. About 40 Rockford High School (RHS) crew team members gave up part of their summer break to work with about 20 special needs students. RHS students have been giving back through the Rockford Athletes with a Mission of Service (R.A.M.S.) program. The Special Treasures group, which serves area special needs children, has been in existence for about three years. During the 2011-2012 year Special Treasures teamed up with the Special Education Parent Advisory Committee (SEPAC) in Rockford to put together athletic clinics for students with any type of special need. The most recent activity was in mid-June and involved coordinating efforts to get the special needs students on the Rogue River. Grace Smith—who has a son, Hayden, in the Special Treasures Group and a daughter, Eva, in crew—thought having a crew event would be fun, as the group has done various other sports such as cross country, volleyball, dance, basketball, bowling, soccer, tennis, track and baseball. “We all thought it would be a fun thing for the kids to do,” Smith said. However, crew team boats are expensive, so using them was not the best option. Melissa Sova, who has a stepson in the SEPAC group, was talking to a client of her salon, Xpress Clips in Rockford, about trying to make the event happen. The client, Mary Wiseman, had the answer. Wiseman, owner of AAA Canoes for the past five years, donated the use of 17 canoes, nine kayaks, and life jackets, and provided eight staff members to make the activity a reality. Each student was in a canoe with two crew team members. There also were lifeguards and spotters mixed in among the group. Grace and Eva Smith both said the event was “exciting” and “a great thing for everyone involved.” “I thought it would be a good way to give back to the community,” said Tori Porter, a sophomore. “We get to introduce kids to a sport that can be a lifelong pastime,” said Justin Adsitt, another crew team member. Wiseman and Sova coordinated the pickup of students in downtown Rockford and the drop-off at 12 Mile […]

Rockford crew men bring home Grand Rapids Invitational trophy

May 3, 2012 // 0 Comments

by MARY CLINTHORNE  Students from 10 high school rowing programs, representing three states (Michigan, Illinois and Indiana) competed Saturday, April 28, at Riverside Park, the site of the Grand Rapids High School Rowing Invitational. Rockford High School took home the men’s team trophy, scoring 46 points, besting second-place Forest Hills Central by 36 points. The dry, sunny, and slightly breezy weather conditions combined for an excellent day of rowing. Preliminary races in the morning narrowed the field to the top boats for the afternoon’s final races, where the Rockford men especially shone, winning six of the nine men’s races. Among the more interesting details of the final race (senior men’s 8+), was that this open-weight race was won by Rockford’s lightweight rowers (weighing 160 pounds or less). Rockford rowed for the top prizes in the senior men’s 8+ (K. Clinthorne, D. Itter, M. Hendershott, S. Ginebaugh, I. Blenman, J. Nemeth, M. Powers, T. VanFossen, and coxswain L. Conner), the novice men’s 8+ (A. Houn, E. Sawicki, J. Ullrey, A. LaBadie, N. Guerra, R. O’Grady, Z. Lecceadone, A. Karsten, and coxswain J. Villarreal), the junior men’s 8+ (M. Crimp, C. Fase, A. LaBadie, R. Dickenson, A. Houn, J. Ullrey, T. Maple, E. Sawicki, and coxswain J. Villarreal), the senior men’s lightweight 8+ (M. Power, J. Nemeth, M. Hendershott, M. Soloman, J. Dennis, T. Ingersoll, K. Loux, S. Ginebaugh, and coxswain R. Featherston), the senior men’s 4+ (M. Hendershott, B. VanderBerg, A. Carley, C. Fase, and coxswain L. Conner), and the senior men’s lightweight 4+ (K. Clinthorne, T. VanFossen, I. Blenman, D. Itter, and coxswain R. Featherston). The Rockford men took first place in six races. In addition, a second-place medal in the senior men’s 2x was earned by B. VanderBerg and A. Carley. Rockford women medaled with third place in several races:  novice women’s 8+ (M. Fix, A. Kely, H. Twardy, M. Plekes, T. Porter, T. Huerta, T. Todd, M. Marvin, and coxswain S. Doletzky), junior women’s 8+ (E. Emerick, L. Pratt, A. Dew, A. Andrews, F. Fix, T. Powers, C. Wadlow, V. Kacsits, and coxswain R. DeKorne), senior women’s lightweight 4+ (M. Fix, S. VanFossen, E. Prus, S. Sawicki, and coxswain B. VanderBerg), and senior women’s 4+ (K. Bilardello, K. Korson, K. Fraser, A. Fedeson, […]

Rockford crew teams crowned state champions

June 2, 2011 // 0 Comments

Cold, rainy weather did not slow the Rockford High School crew teams as they rowed into history last weekend at the Michigan Scholastic Rowing Championship Regatta held at Grand Rapids’ Riverside Park on Saturday, May 28. For the first time, both the women’s and men’s teams were crowned state champions in their individual divisions and the Rams were named the combined champions of the day. A total of 18 teams from across Michigan competed in the state event. “This has taken a lot of hard work and dedication,” according to Rams Head Coach Tim Jacobs. “Even though we were three weeks behind in our time on the water [due to weather conditions], we made that up the last two weeks. It’s a great feeling knowing you are the number one team in the state of Michigan. This is the first time we’ve done this and it’s great.” The men’s team racked up 28.5 points to beat team rival St. Mary’s Orchard Lake, who posted 24 points. The Lady Rams posted 31 points and Ann Arbor Pioneer finished second with a total of 24 points for the day. In combined scores, the Rams pulled ahead of Ann Arbor Pioneer by an impressive 28 points. Rockford showed their strength early in the day by qualifying boats in all but one heat race for the afternoon finals. Overall, the Rams competed in 14 out of the 18 final races for the day. Leading the way in gold medals was the women’s lightweight four-plus boat with Stephanie Sawicki, Tessa Powers, Zoe Zeerip, Chloe McColgan and coxswain Gabby LeClaire. They were later joined by Jennifer Vlas, Courtney Brummeler, Sammy Erickson and Emily Prus to earn gold in the women’s lightweight eight-plus event. Lady Rams Lynsey Felty, Andrea Galloway, Jessica Wheeler, Amy Fedeson and coxswain Bri Vander Berg also won gold in the junior varsity four-plus event. The men’s team posted two first-place wins in the lightweight eight-plus and junior varsity eight-plus events. In the lightweight eight-plus boat were Isaac Blenman, Tyler Truxton, Dilan Itter, Sean Ebel, Tyler Maple, Kevin Clinthorne, Mitchell Hendershott, Marcus Powers and coxswain Sarah McLellan. Ram rowers Chad Slider, Maple, Hendershott, Corey Fase, Powers, Ebel, Clinthorne, Jacob Nemeth and coxswain Lauren Rohde were victorious in the junior […]

Rockford crew finishes big at National Regatta

May 29, 2009 // 0 Comments

On Thursday, May 21, four Rockford crew women’s boats embarked on a journey that would prove to be a very successful weekend at the 75th Scholastic National Regatta in Princeton, New Jersey. The best crew teams gathered to compete against the best of the best at Mercer Lake to find out who is top in the nation. The four Rockford women’s boats that made the long trip included a freshman eight, junior four, lightweight eight and a varsity four, all qualifying at the Midwest Scholastic Rowing Championship in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Rockford girls crew team took first place overall at the championship in Ohio, making Rockford the best girls crew team over the entire Midwest. The championship gave Rockford the title of being the best of nearly 50 of the best teams from across the entire Midwest and Canada. The Scholastic National Regatta ran 183 events over the course of Friday and Saturday, May 22-23. The events encompass over 330 entries from teams as far south as Miami, Florida and as far north as Maine and several Midwest states. The national junior four boat contained coxswain Danielle Frick and rowers Megan Korson, Maddie Anderson, Camille Pulver, and Rebecca Markham. The boat easily transferred to the semifinals. The Saturday semifinals ended impressively, ranking them in the top 12 in the nation. The national varsity four also had an impressive run over the two days. The boat consisted of coxswain Jenny DeNike and rowers Olivia Kacsits, Christine Kasper, Darcy Peck, Michelle Kuhn and alternate Alicia Dickinson. The varsity four advanced through the preliminary rounds to set them up in the semifinals with a third-place finish. The girls then went on to finish first in the petite finals. This grand finish landed them a seventh-place finish overall. The national varsity lightweight eight boat housed coxswain Danielle Teft and rowers Raechel Wrona, Claire Harding, Shelby Jacobs, Christiana Scofield, Molly Guthrie, Richelle Huizenga, Jane Vandervelde, Katina Goad, and alternate Chloe McColgan. The eight worked their way through their heats to the finals. In the final heat, the girls pulled out an amazing fifth-place finish against some of the fastest boats from across the country in their division. The freshman crew with coxswain Rebecca DeKorne and rowers Emily Prus, Jessica Wheeler, […]