Rockford Office of 63rd District Court

Rockford Court to close doors Monday

November 5, 2009 // 0 Comments

Monday, November 9 will be the last day to conduct business at the Rockford office of 63rd District Court. The court is closing its doors to move operations to the new court house at 1950 East Beltline beginning Monday, November 6. “This is a really bad economy to throw around eight million dollars,” said Judge Steve Servaas, who has fought the move. He said there is no need for the new building, and no need to close the Rockford Court before a decision on a lawsuit from the City of Rockford to keep the court. Rockford is suing Judge Sara Smolenski and Kent County over moving the court and believe law says that a court presence must remain in Rockford. A judge agreed with this but failed to define what a court presence consists of. The case now awaits answer from the Michigan Court of Appeals. “This case is still live. It could go either way. Theoretically and practically the county could lose it,” Servaas said. “They’ve spent eight million on a new building and not waited to see what the outcome would be. “Why are they doing all this stuff? There is no circumstance that I am aware of that would say the county has got to spend this money right now.” “It’s a head scratcher, that’s the best way I can characterize it,” said Rockford City Manager Michael Young. Young said this move falls squarely on Judge Sara Smolenski’s shoulders. “She’s the one who said ‘I decide where the court shall sit.’ We said no,” Young said. He pointed out that the suit the City filed to keep the court was against Smolenski alone, and Kent County intervened and joined the suit on Smolenski’s side. “It was a deliberate decision to support our chief judge,” said Kent County Administrator Daryl Delabbio, when asked why the county joined the suit. He also defended the decision to build the new courthouse and pointed out it was the Kent County Board of Commissioners who made that decision. “Kent County builds for the long term,” he said. He said there will be efficiencies in having a consolidated courthouse. “I know Rockford disputes that. We take the long view approach,” Delabbio said. Delabbio said the existing Rockford court […]