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Unable to come back, Rams’ season comes to end

November 18, 2009 // 0 Comments

by TONY ANDERSON The Rockford Rams hosted the Holt Rams on Saturday, Nov. 14, for the regional football championship. The game was a rematch of week two, which was dominated by Rockford. Playing a team two times in one season and getting a victory is an extremely hard thing to do, and Rockford was asked to do it three times in three weeks. Holt won the coin toss and deferred to the second half. Rockford took the opening kick to the 39-yard line. The Rams of Rockford found themselves unable to get a first down and had to punt. Holt took possession on the 29-yard line and picked two first downs before finding themselves in a fourth-down-and-long. The punt team came in from the sidelines, but they faked the punt and picked up the first down. Shortly after, Holt scored a touchdown, but the point after was no good. Rockford started their next possession on the 38-yard line. Then the Rockford quarterback was intercepted on the third play. Holt started at midfield and scored on the first play—a 50-yard pass play. Holt was flagged with an off-sides on the kickoff. The next kick ended up in the end zone after the 5-yard penalty. Rockford returned the kick to the 36-yard line. They seemed to find a rhythm and picked up a couple first downs before finding themselves in a third-and-six. Holt seemed to have them stopped, but used the face mask to make the tackle, which was surprisingly only a 5-yard penalty. This left Rockford in third-and-one. Rockford picked up the first down. Trying to continue the drive, Rockford quarterback Taylor Masiewicz was sacked for a 6-yard loss. Following the sack, Masiewicz’s throw was intercepted, and Holt returned it to the Rockford 49-yard line. Holt picked up two first downs—one helped by a questionable pass interference penalty. The first quarter came to an end with the score at Rockford 0, Holt 13. The second quarter opened with Holt in a third-and-15 on the 23-yard line. But the second quarter was the Rockford defense’s quarter, forcing Holt into a 34-yard field attempt, which was no good. Rockford took over on the 20-yard line. Rockford’s offense was forced to punt after three plays, and Holt took over […]

Fourth-quarter comeback gives Rams homecoming victory

October 22, 2009 // 0 Comments

by TONY ANDERSON  The Rams hosted the Falcons of East Kentwood on Friday night, Oct. 16. The Falcons lacked one win to make the playoffs, but the one thing they didn’t lack was speed. East Kentwood won the coin toss and elected to receive the opening kick. The Falcons returned the opening kick to the 19-yard line. East Kentwood picked up three first downs before the Rockford defense forced a third down with nine yards to go. The Rams stopped them just short, forcing a punt. Rockford started their first offensive possession on the 20-yard line. The Rams mixed the run and pass plays and picked up three first downs before stumbling, then Taylor Masiewicz was sacked on third down with nine yards to go. Paul Mudgett came in and attempted a 47-yard field goal, but it was wide left. The Falcons started on the 20-yard line and seemed to be headed for a sure touchdown when Zach Haugen intercepted the Falcon pass in the end zone. The Rams fumbled on the first play from the 20-yard line and the East Kentwood defender picked up the ball and returned 23 yards for the score. The next Rockford possession started on the 20-yard line and after three straight pass attempts, and then had to punt. East Kentwood started on the Ram 48-yard line. Aided by a huge run, the Falcons scored in three plays. The point after, however, was no good. Rockford’s next possession started at the 7-yard line after a block-in-the-back penalty. The Rams went to the ground and picked up two first downs before the first quarter came to a close, with East Kentwood at 13 and Rockford 0. The Rams opened the second quarter with a first-and-10 on the 32-yard line, but the Ram drive faltered and they had to punt. The punt carried to the 6-yard line. The Falcons saw a hungry Ram defense that forced a three-and-out punt.   Rockford started on the East Kentwood 27-yard line. After two plays, the Rams saw a third-and-one, but were unable to pick it up. The Rams went for 28-yard field goal, but the attempt was blocked. The Falcons’ drive was slowed by a holding call, bringing up a third-and-15, and the Rams defense […]

Rams take one away from Muskegon

October 15, 2009 // 0 Comments

Rockford scored two touchdowns in the last four minutes to win the football game Friday night, Oct. 9, against the tough Muskegon Big Reds. The cold, wet evening started with the introduction from the U.S. Air Force that it was the featured game of 2009 in the Great American Rivalry Series. Top scholar athletes were also featured and were given $500 college scholarships. Taylor Huizenga earned this from Rockford. The Muskegon band played the National Anthem and the evening began. In the first quarter, Muskegon got a first down on their first possession, even with the defensive plays by Rockford’s Taylor Huizenga and Ryan Darby. Darby seemed to be everywhere throughout the evening, making offensive and defensive plays. He was in on the punt returns as well. Rockford’s highlights of the first quarter were its two first downs. At the end of the first quarter there was no score.     In the second quarter, Muskegon’s quarterback broke through and ran for a touchdown to make it 6-0. Darby blocked their extra point. Muskegon seemed to be dominating the game, moving slowly up the field. However, just before half, Rockford hit a 43-yard field goal by Paul Mudgett to make the score Muskegon 6, Rockford 3 at halftime.   During halftime, Muskegon’s marching band played Beatles songs and three of their football players were involved. One was a trumpet player, one was a trombonist and the other directed a song or two.   The third quarter started as it began to rain again. The Big Reds kicked off to Rockford, who was stopped again. On Muskegon’s possession, the Big Reds ran the ball and got a first down. Their luck continued, despite the defensive plays by Rams Colin Remtema and Zach Haugen. Muskegon made it down the field, and their quarterback threw a 20-yard pass for a touchdown to make it Muskegon 13, Rockford 3.   Rockford was down by 10 with six minutes left in the third quarter. Muskegon kicked off and were off sides, so they had to kick again. Rockford’s Haugen returned the ball to the 37-yard line. Nick Smythe then got a few yards and Darby made a first down. However, on the next set of downs, Rockford had to give […]

Rams win defensive battle, remain undefeated

October 1, 2009 // 0 Comments

by TONY ANDERSON Friday night, Sept. 25, the Rockford Rams hosted the Grand Haven Buccaneers for the lead of the OK Red conference. The estimated 12,000 fans witnessed a defensive contest. The Bucs won the coin toss and deferred to the second half. Rockford’s Zach Schmuck returned the opening kick to the 40-yard line, but after three straight runs, the Rams were forced to punt. Paul Mudgett’s punt went to the Grand Haven 18-yard line. The Rockford defense forced a three-and-out and a punt, which went 72 yards, and the Rams took over on their 19-yard line. Rockford picked two first downs on Taylor Masiewicz’s passes, but stalled on the 40-yard line and had to punt. Though Mudgett appeared to be roughed on the kick, the refs called the punt “tipped,” allowing the contact, and the Bucs took possession on the 38-yard line. The Ram defense stood fast and almost intercepted a pass on third and six, and forced a punt. Rockford took over on the 37-yard line, and picked one first down on a Masiewicz pass, but stumbled and was forced to punt. Grand Haven took over on the 10-yard line. As the first quarter came to an end, the score was tied at 0. The second quarter saw the Bucs with a second-and-seven, and the Rams defense stopped them a yard short, forcing a third-and-one. The Bucs, aided by a bad spot, picked up the first down. Then Grand Haven attempted a pass play, and the Rams’ defense was called for defensive pass interference—the flag coming several seconds after the play was over. On the same drive, the Rams picked up a defensive encroachment, but the Rams still forced a fourth-and-one on the seven-yard line. The Buc quarterback tried to draw the defense offside with a great hard count, but the defense stood still. Grand Haven managed to pick up the first down on the next play. The Ram defense stood firm, forcing a fourth and inches from the one-yard line. The defense—led by Brett Egnatuk, Joe Stefanski and Josh Pribble—stopped the Bucs’ ball carrier, forcing the ball over on downs. The Rams began in the shadow of their goal post and just managed to avoid a safety on first down. On second […]

Rams struggle, still manage win

September 24, 2009 // 0 Comments

   by TONY ANDERSON   The Rockford Rams traveled to Jenison on Friday, Sept. 18, to play the upstart Wildcats. The Rams came in averaging 36 points a game, with the other three victories coming with wide margins of victory. The Wildcats came into the contest with a upset victory over Grandville, and feeling chippy. Jenison won the coin toss and deferred to the second half. Rockford took possession on the 20-yard line after a touchback. The Rams stumbled and, after three plays, were forced to punt. The Wildcats returned the punt to the 37 and then had 10 yards tacked on by a penalty. Jenison seemed to have a drive going, but the Ram defense stepped up even after a very questionable face mask penalty, and forced a field goal. Rockford returned the kick to the 31-yard line, but was forced to punt after three plays. The Wildcats took over on the 22-yard line, and once again seemed to have a drive mounting. However, the Rams’ defense rose up and forced a punt, which didn’t go very far, and the Rams took over on the 44-yard line. The first quarter came to an end with Jenison ahead by 3. The second quarter opened with the Rams seeing second down and six yards to go. One play after picking it up, Rockford fumbled the ball. The Wildcats took over on the 36-yard line. After a six-yard pick-up on first down, the wheels seemed to fall off, and after three straight penalties, the Wildcats went from second down and four to second down and 36. The Wildcats—though making some plays and picking up a chunk of yards—were forced to punt. Rockford took over on the 44-yard line, but stumbled once more and were forced to punt after three runs, netting two yards.   Jenison took over on the 12-yard line after a first down. The Rams defense forced them to punt, and the Rams took over on the 43-yard line. Zach Haugen grabbed a pass from Taylor Masiewicz, and then Joey Johnson scampered 28 yards for a touchdown, with Paul Mudgett adding the point after. The Rams’ drive of 43 yards in four plays took 47 seconds.   The Wildcats took over on the 20-yard line […]

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