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Christmas Taste of Ric’s offers samples, live music, more

December 1, 2011 // 0 Comments

Celebrate store’s fourth year serving Rockford by BETH ALTENA Taste the experience of dozens of vendors serving you their very best—all for free Saturday, Dec. 3 from noon to 4 p.m. at the annual Christmas Taste of Ric’s event at the local food center at 6767 Belding Road. Store Director David Brickner said the event has evolved naturally through the excitement and enthusiasm of his staff and customers. “It happened on its own,” Brickner stated of the generosity of vendors who seem to almost try to outdo one another with the impressive quality and quantity of free samples they hand out with wide smiles. The store holds the Taste of Ric’s events twice a year and this one is a special event as it also serves as a birthday party to the local store, which opened its doors four years ago. As many as four thousand people visit during the Taste events, but Brickner said an exact count is difficult during the busy occasions. Live entertainment always adds to the party-like atmosphere. This year the Rockford High School choir will share their voices as they perform holiday favorites. In the past, horse-drawn carriage rides have added to the holiday festivities. Santa will be ready with his elf helpers to hear youngsters’ Christmas wishes and pose for a photo or two. Brickner said those who stop in to the store—either regular customers or people who have yet to experience what a family-owned, customer-service oriented store like Ric’s has to offer—are always pleasantly surprised. The samples vendors offer are always generous portions, a marked contrast to the typical tiny-spoon tastes provided at food shows. “I don’t think they are shamed into giving more,” speculated Brickner of the vendor generosity. “I think they realize this is a big deal.” A chance to interact with thousands of customers and show off what you do best is a big deal to any local product provider, as is proof by the continuing success of the Rockford Community Expo each March, but also proved by the turnout for each Taste of Ric’s. Brickner said the store invites as many of their vendors as can be comfortably accommodated for each event—a choreography of no mean feat. He said the Tastes are so popular […]