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Local dancers perform well in Orlando

August 8, 2012 // 0 Comments

It is with great pride that the Rockford School of Dance (RSOD) competitive dance teams report an excellent showing at the Danceamerica National Competition in Orlando, Fla. in July. A total of 613 different dance routines were selected and performed throughout the four days of competitions. These performances were selected from the fall/winter regional competitions from across the country. Each of these 613 dance routines were performed before a panel of judges, in direct competition with each other, vying for first-, second- and third-place awards, along with other “special” awards. The prestigious Richard Disarno Director’s Award was presented to Laurie Host, owner of RSOD, for the outstanding performance of the Mega Production number, “The Jet Set.” Best Precision was awarded to the Primary Team for their tap number entitled “Family Tree.” In addition to these awards, a highly celebrated and special honor was the ability for dancers to be selected to perform on the Beauty and the Beast stage at Hollywood Studios. Including both group and solo performances, this honor was given to only 32 different dances throughout the four nights, roughly eight to nine dances per night from the 613 performances. “What a huge honor to know that every single member of the RSOD competitive team was selected to perform—all 60 performers!” commented Host. The Primary team performed their specially awarded Best Precision tap dance, “Family Tree,” while the rest of the competition teams (a combination of the junior, intermediate and seniors groups) performed their awe-inspiring Opening Number for Recital entitled “The Jet Set.” “Just wondering: do you think someday we’ll see some of our RSOD performers on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’?” asked Host. “With these odds at nationals, we just may!”

Fathers step up for dance performance

May 26, 2011 // 0 Comments

Last fall, the owner of Rockford School of Dance thought it would be a good idea to get the dads involved this year during a performance for the students. “Boy did we get involved,” said Dr. Carl Stites. “Myself and 13 other brave dads have been practicing every week since January with one of the school’s hip hop teachers, Matt Gapczynski, for our big performances—three shows.” Pictured are the dads and their daughters coming out to share in the fun. “The house went nuts,” said Stites. “It was a great weekend with our girls!”  

Winners announced for annual BeeVee Film Awards

June 3, 2010 // 0 Comments

Like a scene out of Hollywood, actors, actresses, directors and producers waited in line to walk down the red carpet leading to the fourth annual BeeVee Film Awards at Bella Vista Church in Rockford. As cameras flashed, the young people posed for their adoring fans and were interviewed by ceremonies co-host Brad Spead on their accomplishments for this year’s short film awards. The formal ceremony opened with a dazzling performance by the award-winning Junior Competitor Dancers from Rockford School of Dance. The dance team recently won their regional competition held in Detroit and are preparing for their national competition in Orlando, Fla. in July. Hostess for the evening, Student Ministries Director Lisa Henderson, welcomed the audience to an evening where “the sublime meets the ridiculous.” The audience members were then treated to a vast array of film shorts showcasing the talents of the junior and senior high students. Winners in each film category were presented with a golden statue, similar to Hollywood’s Oscar, by the BeeVee girls Megan George and Brianne Melton. This year’s special lifetime achievement award was presented to Bethany Lemke for perfecting her role portraying creepy male stalkers. Her talents were showcased in the Best Film and Best Music Video winner “Love Story” directed by Shannon Pinner. Other winners include: • Best Actress: Hanna Lemke, “Love Story” • Best Supporting Actress: Halley Devon, “Romeo and Juliet” • Outstanding Performance—Child Actor: Audrey Rinck, “Larry the Stalker” • Best Actor: Jacob Hughey, “The Big One” • Best Supporting Actor: Ryan Siekman, “Romeo and Juliet at the Jersey Shore” • Best Director: Shannon Pinner “Love Story” • Best Technical Achievement—Editing: Jarren Harkema, “Time Traveler Trouble” • Best Music Video: “Love Story” directed by Shannon Pinner • Best Comedy: “The Big One” directed by Jacob and Jenny Hughey • Best Drama: “Romeo and Juliet” directed by Sarah McLellan • Best Christian Film: “The Question” directed by Seventh-Grade Boys Small Group • Best Animated Film: “Time Travel Trouble” by Jarren Harkema and Calvin Hartley • Best Thriller: “Larry the Stalker” directed by Miranda Rinck

Rockford dancers take top honors in Chicago

March 11, 2010 // 0 Comments

The competitive dancers at Rockford School of Dance (RSOD) have once again claimed top honors at the annual DanceAmerica regional competition in Chicago. Dancers from across the Midwest came to the Paramount Theatre in Aurora, Ill., to compete in the varied dance categories. RSOD is thrilled with their success, as all their dance numbers have qualified for the July 2010 DanceAmerica nationals at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla. The Primary team was awarded first-place trophies for both their tap and jazz performances to “Little Bitty Pretty One” and “3-6-9,” as well as an Overall High Score Line merit award for Primary/Junior “Little Bitty Pretty One.” Members of the RSOD Primary team are Madelyn Butts, Carmen Goodson, Kelsey Howard, Whitney Howard, Arianna Hyink, Kalyn Jones, Kassidi Krzykwa, Madeline Konsdorf, Hannah Miller, Madeline Newman, Emily Page, Jillian Roney, Madison Schilling, Haley Smith, Sydney Stites, Annika Trierweiler and Isabel Wood. The Junior team received a first-place trophy for their tap dance, “Wall Street,” as well as an Overall High Score Large Group merit award for Primary/Junior and Best Precision award. They also received a third-place trophy for their ballet performance of “Pokinoi” and a fourth-place trophy for their jazz dance “Make Me.” Members of the RSOD Junior team are Abigail Anthony, Brianna Brugel, Lauren Dilly, Jacklyn Eding, Ilene Gould, Alexis Hall, Hali Maybank, Amanda Schultz, Ashley Serbenta and Paige Wolterstorff. The Advanced team brought home two first-place trophies for their jazz performance of “My Same” and tap dance to “PYT,” which also earned an overall award for Best Precision Intermediate/Senior. The RSOD Advanced team members are Ona Andrews, Ashley Day, Kendall DeVries, Anna Dood, Savanna Fisher, Kara Greenberg, Kenzie Hansen, Shannon Kelly, Hannah Maroe, David Maybank, Riley Thomas, Kaylin Walters and Hanna Watters. The Junior and Advanced teams combined forces for a jazz production number to “Glee” and “Steppin’ Out” tap production performance. Both dances received second-place trophies. Several RSOD competitors performed solos and duos. David Maybank’s “100 in a 55” received a first-place trophy and he also qualified for DanceAmerica’s prestigious Dancer of the Year program, as did Kaylin Walters, who also received a third-place trophy for her “Let’s Face the Music and Dance” performance. Kara Greenberg’s “I Want to Go to Hollywood” received third place, […]

A Chance to Dance in the Big Apple

March 19, 2009 // 0 Comments

The competitive teams at Rockford School of Dance recently returned from the Dance America/Dance Olympus Competition at the Paramount Theatre in Aurora, Illinois. It was a very successful weekend with all of our teams winning 1st place trophies. All three teams qualified to go to the Dance America Nationals in New York City this coming July. The Primary Team was awarded a 1st place for their tap performance of Happy Radio as well as Best Precision for Primary/Junior dances. They received a 1st place for their jazz dance Itsy Bitsy Spider which also received the Primary/Junior Overall High Score Award, Large Group. The Primary Team includes Taylor Blackburn, Madelyn Butts, Carmen Goodson, Hannah Miller, Madeline Newman, Emily Page, Jillian Roney, Hailey Smith, Sydney Stites and Annika Trierweiler. The Junior Team took 1st place in both of their dances, This is the House that Jack Built (Jazz) and Bang the Drum (Tap). Our Junior Team members are Abigail Anthony, Lauren Dilly, Jacklyn Eding, Ilene Gould, Hali Maybank, Abby McKay, Amanda Schultz, Ashley Serbenta and Paige Wolterstorff. Our Advanced Team brought home three 1st place trophies for their jazz performances of Footloose, High Energy and All Things Just Keep Getting Better. Their tap number, Big Noise from Winnetka received a 2nd Place. The Advanced Team dancers are Ona Andrews, Katelyn Cooper, Ashley Day, Kendall DeVries, Anna Dood, Savanna Fisher, Nora Fitzgerald, Kara Greenberg, Kenzie Hanson, Katie Hunsberger, Shannon Kelley, Lexie Leonard, Amanda Maguire, Hannah Maroe, David Maybank, Riley Thomas, Kaylin Walters and Hanna Watters. Also performing this weekend was our Small Group Hip Hop, Skippin’ which received 4th place. Several duos performed as well, Ona Andrews/Hanna Watters, Ojos Asi, 4th place; Ashley Day/Riley Thomas, Let’s Get Loud, 3rd place and Katie Hunsberger/Shannon Kelley, Knock on Wood, 1st place. We had seven soloists in the competition this year. Katelyn Cooper, Hush, 3rd place Kara Greenberg, Big Time, 2nd place Lexie Leonard, Nothing But a T Shirt, Merit; Amanda Maguire, Hit Me with a Hot Note, 5th place; Hannah Maroe, My Strongest Suit, 2nd place; David Maybank, Time of My Life, 1st place; and Kaylin Walters, Something’s Gotta Give, 1st place. Special congratulations to Kara Greenberg, David Maybank and Kaylin Walters who qualified for Nationals and the Dancer of […]