Rockford Sports Complex

Sports Commission has brought in over $140 million in revenue to West Michigan

June 17, 2010 // 0 Comments

Townships, City learn financial opportunities of Rockford sports complex By Matt Marn  The Plainfield Township board welcomed the township boards and planning commissions of Algoma Township and the City of Rockford the evening of Tuesday, May 25, for a special combined meeting. The informational meeting discussed the project of creating a sports center, complete with a number of baseball diamonds, in an area near the current North Kent Transfer Station off 10 Mile Road, owned by the Kent County Department of Public Works. George Meek, Plainfield Township supervisor, said it was time to share the idea that has been discussed for a number of years. Meek said for now, it was simply an informational meeting, and that if further steps were taken to make this plan a reality, all three township boards and planning commissions would be involved. “If this takes place, it will have a very strong impact on the communities around us,” said Meek. Plainfield Township welcomed its speaker, Mike Guswiler, Executive Director of the West Michigan Sports Commission, the group responsible for bringing this idea to the table. Guswiler explained the commission was formed in 2007 to promote West Michigan as a premiere venue for youth and amateur sports. He went on to say another goal of the commission is to improve the quality of life for people in the area, including bringing in customers to benefit local businesses such as restaurants, stores and hotels. Guswiler said so far the commission has planned 136 events, and has already brought in $140 million in revenue for local businesses through youth and amateur sports events. “In 2007 we conducted a plan… we wanted to become the go-to organization for youth and amateur sports organizations,” he said. “Much of that effort is bringing awareness and volunteers to the sports, as well as sponsorship and venue assistance.” Guswiler said the West Michigan Sports Commission has another objective – to further develop the infrastructure of facilities in the area, from high schools to universities. He said after forming a research task force, the commission found the sports that would most benefit from such an area was baseball and softball. “In the seasonal period, you can have a tournament each and every weekend,” Guswiler said. “We wanted to […]