Rockford Family Eyecare offers new vision correction treatment

August 13, 2015 // 0 Comments

For people who need vision correction, the options for being able to see clearly typically include wearing glasses or contact lenses. The permanent correction option of Lasik eye surgery is also quite popular, but typically not an option for children or teens. Rockford Family Eyecare has another great option that allows people to go without glasses or contacts, and doesn’t require surgery. Ortho-K is a treatment that can correct vision and reduce the progression of vision loss. It’s a contact lens you wear while you’re sleeping, that reshapes the front layer of the cornea. It can give the wearer 20/20 vision for up to several days, without glasses or traditional contact lenses. Ortho-K is a great option for kids and teens because it doesn’t require glasses or contacts which can get lost or broken. To learn more about Ortho-K, schedule an appointment at Rockford Family Eyecare by calling (616) 951-7115. (Courtesy of WOODTV 8)

Rockford rated Top Ten Places to live

July 9, 2015 // 0 Comments has rated Rockford as one of the state’s top ten places to live. Rated by a variety of factors, including resident reviews, the national company gave the city an overall grade of A-minus, with 1751 residents per square mile in a three mile total and rated 3.8 out of five. Rockford is a suburb in Michigan with 5,801 residents. It has low home values, low rent costs, and low unemployment levels. Its citizens generally have high education levels and average income levels. One of Niche’s rating factors is school districts and Rockford’s rates very high with an average graduation rate of 92 percent compared to a national average of 81. Michigan’s average is 78.1 percent and the Grand Rapids Metro area is 78.1 percent. The average dropout rate is 1.3 percent compared to a national average of 1.9. Michigan’s average is 2.8 percent and the Grand Rapids Metro rate is 3.4 percent. Math proficiency is 50 percent compared to Michigan’s rate of 37.6 percent and Grand Rapids Metro area of 38.2 percent. Reading proficiency is 78 percent compared to 64.5 percent in Michigan and 66 percent in the Grand Rapids Metro area. Student to teacher ratio is 19 to one compared to 16 to one in the United States, 18 to one in Michigan and 19.1 in the Grand Rapids Metro area. School finances are $65,574,000 with 67 percent for instruction, 30 percent in support services and other expenses at three percent, according to Niche. The website says Rockford receives $10,678 per student compared to a national average of $11,989, a state average of $11,400 and a Grand Rapids Metro area $11,435. Expenses per student are $11,129 here compared to a national average of $11,969, a state average of $11,601 and a Grand Rapids Metro average of $11,319. Net profit to the district per student is a negative $451, compared to a national average of $25 per student, a Michigan average of negative $200 and a Grand Rapids Metro average of $116. Administrative expense is 14 to one compared to the state at 12 to one. Teacher salary here is averaged at $61,854 compared to a national average of $46,325, a state average of $63,598 and a Grand Rapids Metro area average of $61,867. […]

Man on the Street – How would you describe Rockford?

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“Beautiful!” answered our first Man on the Street when asked to describe Rockford. Chet Messer and Shirley Timblin were visiting from Topsham, Maine and Madison, Maine, respectively. They didn’t have enough good things to say about our town. They said the city was absolutely wonderful, from the beauty of it to the friendliness of the people in the shops and restaurants. And don’t forget the brewery, both insisted. The pair were walking around downtown Rockford with Plainfield Township residents Carol Vos and Richard Reed. They have been in town a week and were due to leave the next day, July 4. According to Chet, he has cousins in Ontario and the drive back will include a visit to them. They said all four spent quite a few dollars in Rockford while visiting and people especially noticed the distinctive Maine accent (what accent?) and asked where Chet and Shirley were from. Pictured are Carol Vos and Richard Reed and Shirley and Chet. Notice Rockford Brewing conveniently in the background. Caitlin and Nate Eyestone were just getting back on their double bike when they stopped to answer the question about Rockford. They both said they love it. The Grand Rapids couple rides up often during the summer, and particularly like coming in on farm market days so they can grab a picnic lunch and eat before continuing on their ride up to the end of the paved portion of the White Pine Trail. They said they often bike the entire paved portion of the Trail—a good fifty miles—but more often only ride as far as Rockford and stop to visit. They said both the Trail and Rockford are beautiful and a favorite of theirs. Nine and a half-year-old Sydney Kremer said, “I think it is a wonderful town.” She was not shy to speak right up when the question about Rockford was posed to both her and her grandmother, Loretta Pearson. Kremer, from Grand Rapids, was enjoying a treat outside Dam Dogs, which was a very popular destination on a hot Friday before the Fourth of July Saturday. “I like the shops and I think it is a good place to live,” she elaborated. Loretta pointed out that Sydney was just asking why she would ever want […]

Rockford among top ten places to live in Michigan

June 25, 2015 // 0 Comments

A few cities in West Michigan made a list for the best suburbs to raise a family across the state. ranked U.S. suburbs based on age demographics, school ratings, crime rates and access to affordable housing and child care. That list was then broken down by state. East Grand Rapids ranked number two on the state list, Rockford came in 10th and the village of Spring Lake fell in the 21st spot when it comes to best suburbs to raise a family in Michigan. Birmingham in Oakland County topped the Michigan list.  

Tamarack Run Condominium Project

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Dear Editor: Thank you for the coverage of the most recent meeting of the Rockford City Council, at which a public hearing and vote on the Tamarack Run Condominium project were held. Just wanted to clarify a couple points. Over the past couple weeks and months, there have been many references to extensive studies and data about the level and extent of contamination on the Burch property and surrounding public property. It should be known that the City Council has received exactly one page of this documentation. In April, Council received from the city manager a map showing environmental testing completed (at the behest of the developer) on the Burch property and the one half acre of public property which the developer proposed to purchase from the city. Both parcels appear to be significantly contaminated. No study has been done by the city – or anyone else – to determine if contamination exists on the adjacent public property, although wetlands and debris lines indicate this is entirely possible. At our May meeting, I asked that Council have an opportunity to consult with an environmental attorney or other expert to better understand the city’s options. Primarily, I believe we need clarification about who is responsible for the contamination of public property and if the city would lose any ability for recourse if the property changes hands; (i.e., sold to the developer). I also believe it is important to know if contamination exists on public property beyond the parcels slated for development. Those questions are still unanswered. This topic was discussed at length at our May meeting but was not included in the minutes of that meeting, thus my request that it be added to the record. Thanks for the opportunity to clarify these points and thanks again for your attention to this important issue.   Respectfully yours, Tammy Bergstrom Mayor Pro Tem Rockford City Council    

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