Rosie’s Diner Auction

‘Icon of Americana’ to be auctioned April 26

April 5, 2012 // 0 Comments

Rosie’s, two other diners, open at $25,000 by BETH ALTENA With an opening bid of $25,000, online bidders can have a chance to own a piece of American history as Rosie’s, two other diners and a mini-golf course on four-and-a-half acres at 4500 14 Mile Road, goes on the auction block. According to Doug Heuker of, the property, then a going business, was purchased in the range of $450,000 by Jonelle and Randy Roest of Whitehall in January 2006. The diners had been slated to be auctioned on January 31, when owner Jerry Berta of Rockford accepted the couple’s offer, canceling the auction. Today, the situation is different after remaining owner Jonelle Woods (formerly Roest) closed the doors without notice in October 2011. Employees were told the diner was to be closed for a few days, but when they returned to work found the diners gutted of memorabilia and kitchen equipment and the locks on the doors changed. Calls to Woods’ phone were answered by a notice that the number was no longer working and television crews knocked at the door to her home without response. The diner has a long history as an American icon after the public saw it in commercials for Pepsi, Sanka coffee and Bounty paper towels in the 1970s. The Bounty commercials were most responsible for the diner’s fame and featured the late actress Nancy Walker. Walker demonstrated the towels as the “quicker picker upper” as she cleaned up the numerous and frequent spills of the diner’s many clumsy patrons. Rosie’s was built by the Paramount Dining Car Company in 1946 and was then called the Silver Dollar Diner. It was located on U.S. Route 46 in Little Ferry, New Jersey when it opened and was operated for over four decades by Ralph Corrado Sr. and then Ralph Corrado Jr. During the 45 years father and then son operated the diner, other companies, including Sony and Ethan Allen Furniture also used the structure as the setting for television advertisements. Whether because of its commercial fame, or the charming reminder of American traditional mobile roadside eateries, Rosie’s has made national news over the years. According to an article reprinted from Media and Consumer in the Florida newspaper the Lakeland Ledger […]