Salvation Army Donation Truck

Donations a simple step in breaking bonds of addiction

September 13, 2012 // 0 Comments

by BETH ALTENA A Salvation Army donation truck will be parked at Ric’s Food Center, 6767 Belding Road from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on September 22. For the third year in a row the public is invited to pull up and donate clothing, furniture electronics, appliances and household goods, receiving help unloading and a receipt for a deduction on this year’s taxes. According to Salvation Army Public Relations Director Diane Taber, people may not realize what exactly they are helping to achieve with the simple step of cleaning out no longer needed, gently used items and giving them to the Salvation Army. In addition to stocking the eight West Michigan Salvation Army stores, where customers can pick up good-as-new items for pennies on the dollar of what they originally cost, donations are literally saving lives and rebuilding souls. Taber said she herself represents what has always been the organization’s main focus: helping individuals break away from the grips of addiction and allowing them to turn their lives around. The Salvation Army focuses on their local Adult Rehabilitation Center where people who are caught up in alcoholism or drug addiction can turn to for help. “I am like a lot of people who had a good upbringing, a good family, a good education,” she described. “I didn’t have any alcoholism in my family, but I got it.” Tabor said the Salvation Army began in the late 1800s in the slums of London where William Booth was determined to bring the word of God to those who were not allowed in the doors of churches. “Those were the drunks and the prostitutes mostly,” Taber described. She said another basis of the organization was Booth’s belief that “you can’t preach to a man with a toothache,” so caring for people’s physical well-being had to be part of bringing them to faith. Even the common phrase to be “on the wagon” came from the earliest years of the Salvation Army. Taber said the organization went through the slums with horse-drawn wagons and those in need of food, clothes, caring and a spiritual second chance literally got on the wagon. The Grand Rapids Adult Rehabilitation Center is a place where people can go and either stay six months to […]