Who is teaching whom? part III

March 5, 2010 0

by SAM HYER Once you have mastered the “heel” with your best fur friend, next is “heel, sit.” This is another command your dog needs […]

Who is teaching whom?

September 3, 2009 0

Obedience training for your pets by SAM HYER “In many ways, dogs are like children,” says Bob Yamall Jr. of Kimbertal Kennels, Kimberton, PA., a nationally […]

What is kennel cough?

July 16, 2009 0

by SAM HYER Kennel cough is also called canine cough, bordetellosis and infectious tracheobronchitisis. Kennel cough in dogs will stimulate a coarse, dry, hacking cough […]

Tip to remove ticks

July 9, 2009 0

by SAM HYER Because as a groomer I am seeing more and more ticks on companion dogs, I thought I would provide this neat removal […]

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