The Tax Attic with Jerry Coon — November 5, 2009

November 5, 2009 // 0 Comments

Security issues discussed This summer we traveled to the Asheville, North Carolina area. It’s a wonderful part of the world. There seems to be plenty of wild animals living in the mountains surrounding Asheville and the scenery is outstanding. Deb and I took the Blue Ridge Parkway on our way home and I was lucky enough to see a bear crossing the road. Deb had looked down for just a second and missed seeing the bear. She was extremely disappointed, because Deb has never a seen a bear in the wild. For me, I’m fortunate to go fishing in Canada, and most years I get to see bears both on the side of the road and, all too often, in or very near our campsite. This year was a particularly good year for bear sightseeing, but since Deb isn’t going fishing in Canada anytime soon, we have to find a different way for her to see a bear. After reading the Sunday Grand Rapids Press, I’m beginning to think all we have to do to see a bear is take a drive up to Newaygo County. In case you missed it, Don Corrigan of Kent City killed a 500-pound bear near Woodville. Apparently, it will end up being the second largest bear ever killed in Michigan. Occasionally, we do read about a bear being sighted in Newaygo County, but the second largest bear ever killed in Michigan? That amazes me, but it didn’t amaze Mr. Corrigan. He said, “I stayed close to home to show people there are bears in Newaygo County.” That’s an understatement and thanks for showing us, Don. Now if I can just show Deb. I’m thinking she might be satisfied to see just a regular-size bear or even a cub. Throughout the year, the Internal Revenue Service holds several conferences with tax professionals. These conferences keep tax professionals informed as to what is happening within the IRS and also what they are expecting of tax professionals. We all tend to think of the IRS as a big, non-personal bureaucracy, but in reality it is a large employer with employees trying to make a living just like you and me and trying to operate within an insanely complicated tax system. Tax professionals […]