Main Street by Roger Allen, publisher — September 16, 2010

Burning Question  Anybody want to burn a book? Pick just the right one, get some publicity, and you may hear from the President himself. Book-burning is such old stuff. It’s been going on since at least the days of the ancient Greeks. The Chinese were at it as early as 213 B.C. The Big Three (Judaism, […]

The Tax Attic with Jerry Coon — September 16, 2010

Tax school begins I may end up buying my salmon this fall at Meijer or D&W. In past years, I could depend on going fishing a few times throughout the summer and catching a few fish each time. Then, to finish off the summer, over Labor Day, my brother-in-law Don and I could always count […]

Birthdays — September 17–24

17th Kellie M. Mackie 18th Nate Brown, Gil Clark, Jaden DeVogel, Susan Eckert, Mike Moore, Phyllis TenBrink 19th Paul Krupp, Haley Pilgrim, Roberta Sheils, Roberta Shripka 20th Alton Klinger, John Luton, Stacey Schluckebier  21st Richard Amon, Ruth Denick 22nd Bev Maher, Jack Ferguson 23rd Lois Ives, Ursula James, Lola Leder, Alyce Milligan, Fran Pleune 24th Char Krupp, Jerry Rodel, Paula Sedrowski, Andy Tidey

Engagements — September 16, 2010


Whitaker–Garlets John and Amy Garlets of Rockford announce the engagement of their son Benjamin Garlets to Jeanne Marie Whitaker of Rockford. Jeanne Marie is the daughter of William and Merrily Whitaker of Webster, New York. The bride-to-be is a 2009 graduate of Cornerstone University with a masters in education. She is employed by Starbucks. Benjamin […]


GONE—Sunday morning all that remains of the three-story riverside WWW warehouse is the three level interior elevator tower.