September 23 2010

Rockford wins West Michigan Relay event at home

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When Rockford’s women swimmers agreed to host this year’s West Michigan Relay, they did not expect to beat OK Red conference champion, Ottawa Hills, but they did expect to give them a run for their money. That’s just what the Rams did Saturday, Sept. 11 at their high school as 15 of the toughest West Michigan teams met for the annual relay championship. The Rams were strong throughout the day-long event, starting out in second place behind East Grand Rapids in diving, with divers Erica Finlayson, Macie DeGraaf, Katie DeHaan and Maggie Setterington. The Rams continued to stay strong, finishing within the top four teams throughout the swim portion of the meet and winning two of the events outright: the 200 breaststroke relay team of Lauren Girard, Rachel Romain, Morgan Lipe and Kennedy Cutler, and the 200 butterfly relay team of Lexy Caster, Taylor Downs, Sarah Smith and Alaina Smith. By the end of the meet, Rockford was the clear leader with 354 points, West Ottawa second with 336, East Grand Rapids third with 334, and Zeeland was fourth with 280 points. Rockford’s B team spent Saturday at Union High School competing in the Birds of Prey relay meet. The Rams placed fourth behind the A teams from Byron Center, Catholic Central and West Catholic.

Rockford to host annual Marching Band Invitational

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The sound of music filled the Ted Carlson Memorial Stadium on Saturday, Sept. 18 as Rockford hosted the 28th annual Rockford Marching Band Invitational. This year, 21 bands took the field in competition with Rockford’s own performing in exhibition to close the evening of performances. RGates opened at 1 p.m. and the opening ceremony took place at 2 p.m. Admission fees for this band fundraiser were $7 for adults, $5 for students/seniors, or $20 for a family of four or more. Senior passes are not honored at this event, due to being the main fundraiser of the year for the Rockford Public Schools band program. Bands were separated into different flight classes based on the total number of students in their school. Each performance was evaluated by a panel of judges for music performance, music effect, marching performance and their overall visual effect. The judges gave each band important feedback about its performance, recognizing achievements as well as suggesting modifications. Awards were given for the highest scores in each classification, and bands were ranked within their flight class. In addition, each band’s color guard and percussion section was also judged, but these scores were separate from the overall scoring. At the end of the evening, a grand champion for the invitational was also announced. Flight C competition began at approximately 2:05 p.m. and the music continued throughout the remainder of the day with Rockford closing the show at 8:45 p.m. with their “steel, steam and speed show,” followed by the final award presentations. Concessions were be available throughout the day. In addition, raffle tickets for a chance to win a new 2011 Chevrolet Malibu was also on sale. Proceeds from the car raffle help provide transportation costs for the band performances for all age groups, including the upcoming performance at Walt Disney World over Christmas break. Raffle tickets are $25 each or five for $100. Tickets are also available at any home football game or at Kool Chevrolet on Plainfield Ave. in Grand Rapids. For more information, visit the Rockford band’s website at

Preventive home maintenance checkup

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Your home can’t take care of itself. Your monthly budget should include money for routine maintenance and repair for the house and yard. Plan to set money aside for the large, irregular expenses that occur normally as a house ages. Large expenses include interior and exterior painting, repairs or replacement of heating and air conditioning units and appliances, floor coverings, and roof surfaces.  Why should you do regular home maintenance? 1. To maintain the value of the property. 2. A well-maintained home usually brings a higher price. 3. A well-maintained house is more comfortable. 4. Regular care minimizes unexpected repair work and expense. 5. Regular small repairs keep costs from becoming larger. 6. A lender’s agreement usually requires the owner to maintain the property to protect the lender’s financial interest.  What is involved in home maintenance? Cleaning roof and gutters, cleaning or painting outside wall surfaces, cleaning floors and walls, vacuuming carpet, keeping sink and shower drains running freely, etc. If you are not able to do the work, hire a qualified, experienced repair company such as Brad’s Services. Ask for written estimates, and do not pay in advance for maintenance or repair services. Inspect your house regularly. Develop a system where you inspect one area per month to ensure regular inspection of each area. Start at the foundation of the house and work upward and inward. The following list of areas to check may help. • In most of Michigan, water lines and outside faucets need some freeze protection or winter drainage. In addition, garden hoses should be drained and stored for the winter. • Clean leaves and debris from around an outside heating/air conditioning condenser and trimback shrubs that may block air movement around the house. • Yard care power equipment should be drained of fuel in the late fall or early winter and serviced according to manufacturer’s instructions. • Have heating and cooling systems checked by a qualified serviceperson once a year or according to the manufactures-recommendations. • Clean and replace filters. Check your owner’s manual for recommended procedures. Some filters should be replaced as often as once a month. • Test smoke alarms and heat alarm systems at least monthly. Replace old batteries.

Rockford artist shares rainbow cookie visions

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by BETH ALTENA When looking back on a life of accomplishments, local artist Philip Glass sees rainbows—in cookies. The long-time resident may be known for his career as an artist here. He once had a oil painting gallery in the South Squire street red kaboose now occupied by Reading Books and once painted a mural for the American Legion in honor of fallen military heroes. He designed screenprinting for t-shirts. Some people may still drink coffee from the cups he had made depicting his sketch of the Rockford dam. It is another artistic contribution that Glass still ponders, however, and it is likely little known around town. Glass believes Keebler Rainbow Cookies are the result of a vision of rainbows that came to him during a profound time in his life. Glass said about 20 years ago he was losing his vision to cataracts and feeling very emotional about the loss of his visual world. One day he looked up at a spectacular rainbow and it struck him that he may never see one again. “I made up a poem right there on the spot,” Glass recounts. He also imagined in that moment a cookie made with the colors of a rainbow and decided to submit his idea to Keebler Company. He sketched a drawing of a rainbow machine—which he still has today, crafted a letter to the company explaining his ideas and sent it in. Glass said he went about his business, which included receiving surgery to restore his vision, and later received a letter from the company. Dated November 6, 1987, the letter thanked him for his input but went on to state, “Because of the obvious misunderstandings and uncertainties which often arise from the use of ideas independently conceived, our company, as many others in the food business, has a policy of not examining or considering ideas or suggestions from outside sources unless submitted without obligation of any kind on our part.” It asked Glass to re-submit his idea with an enclosed agreement and thanked him for his interest in the company. Pursuing his cookie idea, Glass said he followed the company’s recommendation and again waited to hear from them. He received a second letter dated November 30, again thanking him for […]

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