Words on Weather & Climate — September 23, 2010

The Weather Ain’t Like it Used to Be by CRAIG JAMES How many times have you heard someone say, “The weather ain’t like it used to be”? And I always say, “It definitely isn’t. The climate is always changing.” We all seem to have selective memory about the past, but we are told now that […]

Caterer back in the kitchen with new ‘twist’


Twisted Vine open for meals, American Spoon sales, catering by BETH ALTENA Laura (formerly Laura DeWilde) Cummings and Dawn Nelson cooked together for over a decade as the team that brought you DeWilde Catering. After a six-year hiatus the two are back in the kitchen together, this time in downtown Rockford at 51 Bridge Street, […]

Main Street by Roger Allen, publisher — September 23, 2010

  A weighty observation I feel sorry for families that are broke. I’ve been there, too. A recent TV program featured a nonprofit free food center. Such places fill a genuine need. Its clients seemed grateful but had plenty of complaints about the economy. What bothered me was the number who were seriously overweight. Those […]

The Tax Attic with Jerry Coon — September 23, 2010

Bush tax cuts set to expire Congress is really making it difficult to tax plan. Eventually, they will have to make decisions on a number of tax issues. Complicating the matter is that Congress can make a decision by doing nothing. The Bush tax cuts are all set to expire on December 31, 2010. If […]

Birthdays — September 25–October 1

25th Betty Houting, Frank Phillips  26th Mildred Bylsma, Emily Harr, Lois Kremers, Dillon Maharry 27th Rich Kogelschatz 28th Pam Middleton, Val Northcutt, Trevor TenBrink 29th Ellen Jean Alkema, Kletis McIntyre  30th Bonnie Bustraan, Amanda Klinger, Michael G. TenBrink, Sandy Venman OCTOBER 1st Kim Bartlett, Aaron Welch, Linda Ruehs