September 3 2009

The New Odyssey begins

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Odyssey of the Mind is getting ready for the new school year! Please consider jumping into this creative, problem-solving, confidence-building, team-player-making odyssey. If you are new to the program or just want to hear more, please plan to attend with your student one of these informational meetings. Pick the one that best suits your schedule and student’s age, schools recommended are just a suggestion, and the sessions are free. • Sept. 21 at East Rockford Middle School cafeteria, from 7 to 8:30 p.m., for students and parents at Lakes, Cannonsburg, Crestwood and Meadow Ridge elementary schools; • Sept. 24 at North Rockford Middle School auditorium, from 7 to 8:30 p.m., for students and parents at Parkside, Valley View, Belmont and Roguewood elementary schools; • Oct. 15 at Rockford Freshman Center in the LGI room, from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. This is for parents ONLY of students in kindergarten through second grade. Odyssey of the Mind would like to again thank its sponsors who helped send five teams from Rockford to Ames, Iowa for world finals competition. They are Pegasus Sports, Aunt Candy’s Toy Co, Corner Bar, Cedar Animal Hospital, Nucraft, Dr Gary Fowle and Associates, Rockford Public Schools, Crossroads Church, Rockford Sportsman’s Club, Macaire, Rehabilitation Medicine Associates, and Ice Mountain Natural Spring Water. For questions, contact Linda Blackmore at (616) 866-6310 or your elementary building principal.

Rockford Education Foundation calendars available now

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  Do you want to know when the Rockford Harvest Festival takes place? Are you interested in the dates for conferences, school holiday vacation dates and events at your particular school? You will find the dates of conferences, exams, the high school musical, and the Farmer’s Market. You can find all of these and much more in the Community Events Calendar that the Rockford Education Foundation has made available. Buy yours at a school, business or community organization near you.

Neumen selected to Girls All Tournament Team

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Alyssa Neumen of Rockford was recently selected to the Girls All Tournament Team at the Indian Prairie Lacrosse Showcase in Napersville, Ill. Neumen was one of 11 girls selected from the three divisions, which is comprised of approximately 30 teams from around the country. The players are selected to this team by the opposing team coaches. Neumen plays primarily defense, which is often a forgotten position because they do not accumulate the statistics that the offensive players do, but are as equally important. She felt extremely honored to have been selected from among so many good players. Neumen plays for the Michigan Cyclones Elite lacrosse team, which plays around the country during the summer and fall, along with Rockford High School teammates Meagan Emery, Abbey Neerken, Lexi O’Connor and Andi Raymond.

Rams JV soccer team defeats three in four hours

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by KURT BECKER  The Rockford junior varsity soccer team traveled to Hastings on Saturday, Aug. 22 to play in the Hastings Invitational. The format of this tournament was to play three games in four hours. The Rams junior varsity team—with new coach Stu Quackenbush, a former Rockford soccer player and University of Michigan graduate—played their first game against Hamilton High School. The Rams had a tough time putting away Hamilton, but handed them their first defeat. There were 23 shots on goal and one score generated by Ian Stankus, assisted by Connor Doud, 57 minutes into the second half. The final score was 1-0, Rams. The next game was against Hastings High School’s team on their home field. Rockford didn’t have to play long for their first score by Ben Przybylski with an assist by Nick Krampe. At 11 minutes, Doud scored another goal with an assist by Przybylski. The final goal was scored by Stankus, with an assist by Przybylski. A total of 14 shots on goal were recorded, with the Rams winning again, 3-0. The final game was against Sparta. After two games with two wins in two hours, the Rams were up for the game. They weren’t disappointed with the first score at three minutes with a left-footed bullet by Stankus, assisted by Przybylski. The next score was at seven minutes into the game by Justin Mohr, assisted by Conner Taylor. The points kept coming. At 12 minutes, Jesse Aronoff powered one by the Sparta goalie. Within two minutes, Aronoff shot and scored again. The fourth goal came after the half at the 33-minute mark by Pat MacGregor with an assist going to Mohr. At 41 minutes Zak Hermann scored a goal with a quick shot past the goalie. The final score: Rockford 6, Sparta 0. Rockford’s first outing was a success and a great opportunity for the team to work together and gel as a soccer team. The Hastings Invitational was an opportunity to get the team rolling forward and prepare them for the tough Rockford OK Red schedule. The Rams had their first home game against Lowell on Monday, Aug. 24, and had a tough game against the Red Arrows. Rockford was scored against in the first half. At the […]

In Your Own Backyard – September 3, 2009

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Sea lamprey control planned for Grand River, Crockery Creek, Rogue River U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service personnel will apply lampricides to sections of Crockery Creek in Ottawa and Muskegon counties and the Rogue River in Kent County to kill sea lamprey larvae burrowed in the stream bottom. The applications will be conducted between Aug. 31 and Sept. 11 in accordance with State of Michigan permits. Tentatively, treatment of Rogue River will begin on Tuesday, Sept. 8. Applications will be complete in about 36-48 hours. The application dates are tentative and may be changed based upon local weather or stream conditions near the time of treatment. Sea lamprey larvae live in certain Great Lakes tributaries and transform to parasitic adults that migrate to the Great Lakes and kill fish. Failure to kill the larvae in streams would result in significant damage to the Great Lakes fishery. Infested tributaries must be treated every three to five years with lampricides to control sea lamprey populations. The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency and Health Canada Pest Management Regulatory Agency have reviewed human health and environmental safety data for lampricides, and in 2003 concluded that the lampricides (Lampricid and Bayluscide) pose no unreasonable risk to the general population and the environment when applied at concentrations necessary to control larval sea lampreys. However, as with any pesticide, the public is advised to use discretion and minimize unnecessary exposure. Lampricides are selectively toxic to sea lampreys, but a few fish, insect, and broadleaf plants are sensitive. Persons confining bait fish or other organisms in stream water are advised to use an alternate water source, because lampricides may cause mortality among aquatic organisms stressed by crowding and handling. Agricultural irrigation must be suspended for 24 hours, during and following treatment. Extensive preparations are required for a safe and effective stream treatment. Prior to treatment, personnel collect data on stream water chemistry and discharge. In addition, they may conduct on-site toxicity tests with lampricides and stream flow studies with dyes that cause stream water to appear red or green. Lampricides are carefully metered into the stream for approximately 12 hours, and continually analyzed at predetermined sites to assure that proper concentrations are maintained as the lampricides are carried downstream. Applicators are trained and are […]

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