MAIN STREET by Roger Allen, publisher

Armageddon Don’t know why, but the political convention season always makes me think about Armageddon. And, speaking of that… Time after time, various folks have predicted the end of the world. The Millennium was one of the biggies, prediction-wise. Oops… not even the world’s computer programs came to an end. (Remember all those so-called “millennium […]

BIRTHDAYS — September 8–14

8 Christine Dionne 9 Billie Stout 10 Bernie Danielski, Brandon Didion, Peggy Fowle, Pearl Roberts, M. TenHave-Chapman 11 Tom Fowle, Macie Kunkle 12 Joyce Blakeslee, Chad English, Glenn Knox, Al Pedley 13 Florence Cooley, Barbara Gardiner, Morgan Longberg, Matt Palmer, Sandy Wybranowski 14 Mickey Brasure, Linda Dearth, Goldie Ellenwood, Brook Figger, Joe Gardiner, Lindsey Ray

THE TAX ATTIC with Jerry Coon

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan officially became the Republican candidates for the offices of president and vice president last week. Now the fun can really begin as President Obama and Joe Biden will do their best to make those two guys look bad, and Romney and Ryan will equally reciprocate. We may look at Romney […]

Remodeled, expanded gym a first-class facility


“It’s wonderful to be part of a community that is always trying to grow and improve, expand,” said Tim Chesla, owner of NorthStar Gymnastics Inc., now in its 18th year at 723 Byrne Industrial Drive. In fitting with a town that is always updating, remodeling and celebrating growth, NorthStar is wrapping up a months-long remodeling […]

Rockford woman a repeat offender in random acts of kindness


by BETH ALTENA At age 64, Vern Criner is “the baby here” at Richter Place Apartments, a fair housing complex for residents age 62 and older. Julie Carr, 74, is his senior by 10 years. When she heard that the relative newcomer to the complex wished he had a bedspread, she sprang into action. With […]