Sidewalk sales find shoppers satisfied, spending

July 23, 2015 // 0 Comments

Rockford’s Sidewalk Sales 2015, like years before, were threatened by weather but dodged the bullet of rain to offer a pleasant shopping experience Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Shoppers of all ages were finding fun deals Thursday, July 16 with sidewalks filled and bags in many people’s hands. We asked the following people what and where they found their deals. Just met for the first time and already BFF Allie, age 5, of Rockford, is pictured with her cousin, Olivia, age 4-1/2, from Tucson, Arizona. Although alike enough to be twins, the two only just met each other for the first time and were getting along like gangbusters. We found them admiring the table items at Main Street Mercantile. A mother-daughter day out in Rockford Lisa Kirchhoff, found some adorable earrings at Glik’s. She is pictured with her daughter Erin, of Rockford, who found a really cute top at the same place.     “We didn’t leave anything behind” Sara Wesche, of Belmont, is pictured with her mother, Valerie Overheul, from Florida. Both had multiple bags and joked, “We didn’t leave anything behind.” They both purchased items from She Active and Sara holds up lotion and other products she picked up at ?. They found some great items at Jade and said they enjoy the music every Tuesday night by the dam, eat at Reds on the River and go to A Charmed Life to get their nails done. That day they ate at Ramona’s Table and were very impressed. Valerie had a veggie wrap and Sara had a Merry Mary, a turkey sandwhich on cranberry bread, which she said was “Thanksgiving on a bun.” Valerie said Sara is her favorite daughter (of one). They look like sisters but are great friends These three girls were coming out of Kimberly’s Boutique when they agreed to pose for this photo. They are friends from school (RHS) and were out scouting for good buys, like these boots. Pictured is Jada Welch, Kaleigh Richmond and Danyell Zmudka, all from Rockford. Kimberly, from Kimberly’s Boutique and Main Street Mercantile, said shopping has been “real pleasant.” She said there were a lot of out-of-towners, and people of all ages shopping together. She likes sidewalk sales. “It gives us time to clean […]

Women Helped by Retail Sales Outreach in WAR International

February 26, 2009 // 0 Comments

by CHRISTINE BIGNEY You can walk into many of the stores in downtown Rockford, and there is a good chance that the business is owned by a woman. In the United States and in West Michigan, women – and people in general – enjoy many opportunities to benefit from their own efforts, improve their lives and ‘live the American dream.’ In the media, today’s news is all of the sky is falling variety, forgetting or failing to note that our quality of life in the U.S., and in West Michigan, is not really so bad. In fact, we are in a position to help others who truly are in economic and personal disaster. Jessica Gordon, a local business woman, runs WAR Chest Boutique located at 119 Courtland Street in downtown Rockford. She believes people will be willing to help improve the lives of others if they are given an opportunity. Gordon tells how her organization helps women in Asia in regions that have become the newest source for traffickers of young destitute girls and women, some as young as nine years old. They are transported across borders and sold into sexual slavery throughout Asia. Gordon tells of an African business woman who was tricked into selling her business and moved to Thailand where she expected to start a new business. Instead she was forced into prostitution. Other horror stories include a newborn Thai baby sold for $200 to traffickers. But there is hope for these women through a Christian organization called Women At Risk (WAR) International. Partnering with several different programs in other countries like Thailand, Uganda, Nepal, India, the Dominican Republic, Egypt, Jordan and the Philippines, Gordon’s boutique showcases jewelry these girls and women produce in safe houses which are sponsored by WAR. The jewelry are made from pearls and semi-precious stones. “The jewelry is sent on consignment, with the safe houses setting the prices. The proceeds go to these women to help them get their GED, get them proper medical care, preventative medical care,” Gordon explained. Gordon found herself running the Rockford store after some mutual friends asked her if she was interested. A grant from a private foundation made it possible. “It was kind of an experiment, “Gordon related, “to see if […]