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Last Saturday night was Rockford’s Homecoming and these local Freshman girls (all

October 21, 2010 // 0 Comments

You’d think baseball would come easy to Austin Stephens, whose dad, Mark, played for the Detroit Tigers, Florida Marlins, Montreal Expos and the Montreal Brewers. The lanky lefty is six-foot, four-inches and weighs in at 185 pounds. Growing up with a dad as his pitching coach, Stephens was nevertheless frustrated as a freshman and then sophomore on the Rockford junior varsity baseball team because he hardly ever was called in to play. A year later, he is a starter on the varsity team, and has increased his pitch from 75 miles per hour to 80. He increased his vertical by one foot, shaved a half-second off his 60 time, and can bench press 35 pounds more than he used to be able to. He has his eye on professional baseball with hopes to go as far as his dad and farther, and is willing and able to help other athletes discover the training workouts that he credits with his improvement. “Eighty percent of pitching is core strength,” Stephens stated. He said it is a common misconception that throwing hard is about arm strength. The core—bottom of the ribs to the top of the kneecaps—training that has improved his performance in pitching can improve virtually any athletic performance, whether it is in crew, football, or any other sport, Stephens stated. Stephens said he talked with his dad on what he could do to get more time playing, and the two of them discovered a core-training program, which other professional ball players believe in. He ordered his own copy of the program and began working it diligently. He was so impressed with his improvements, he decided to hone the regimen into one-hour workouts and offer it to other athletes. The result is Sports Power Training, Stephens’ own business. Stephens teaches his core-training workouts three days a week in the facility opened by family friend Bob Simonson, who used to play on the same professional baseball team as Stephens’ dad. Stephens began offering the workout—which he said is also a full-body workout—three times a week, although athletes can come just one or two days and still benefit. The classes are held at the location of Power Baseball, 8181 Graphic Drive (off Ten Mile Road), Rockford. The cost varies depending […]