Squire Intern

Squire welcomes summer intern

July 1, 2010 // 0 Comments

Hello, readers! My name is Bethany Hart. I’m interning here at The Rockford Squire during the summer months. When school begins again in the fall, I will be a senior at Sparta High School. My younger sister, Emily, also attends Sparta High School and my mom is an alumna of Sparta. My dad, Mike Hart, graduated from Rockford High School. Even further in the future, I plan to attend college to earn a degree in professional writing, with minors in Spanish and psychology. My right leg is partially paralyzed due to a virus I contracted as a baby. I am an avid fantasy, science fiction and realistic fiction reader. Being a reader led me to start writing; writing eventually led me here to the Squire. I am interested in journalism because most of the writing I have done up until this point has been fictional, personal or school-related. While I am interning here at the Squire, hopefully I will learn more about the journalism industry, writing and editing, and what goes into creating a newspaper.

Squire intern shares semester of experinces

February 4, 2010 // 0 Comments

by ANA OLVERA It is no strange fact that newspapers are indeed suffering in this economy. National newspapers are cutting down on circulation and some have even gone completely online. Some might become discouraged by the turn of events in the world of journalism, but I, on the other hand, embraced these new challenges. Last summer I contacted The Rockford Squire in hopes of acquiring an internship. Out of the three newspapers and one publishing company I contacted, the Squire was the only one who was actually enthusiastic about having an intern. Now, I’m sure plenty of people imagine a newspaper office to be all about desks, computers, whiteboards and frantic fingers typing away in order to meet the week’s deadline. I would be lying if I said my thoughts weren’t just the same. Instead, when I finally began interning at the Squire in September, I found myself surrounded by seven one-of-a-kind personalities. It was a pleasure and joy to work with such energetic, lively and passionate people. Every day I came in, I was greeted with smiles and always met with helping hands. A lot of work-and laughter-was definitely accomplished during my internship. A big concern I had about interning at the Squire was how welcomed I would be by the people of Rockford. Luckily, I was embraced with open arms. It was really neat to learn about the history of Rockford and see how beautiful it truly is. All of the businesses always looked well-kept and clean-not to mention. During my internship, I wrote informative articles, Man on the Streets, and wrote about news in the community. Writing informative and local articles really gave me a sense of belonging in Rockford and helped me learn how to properly write about community news. Man on the Streets were such a joy to write because they allowed me to meet and interact with different people. Although difficult at times to find people who were willing to get their picture taken, it was good practice for other interviews because they were on the spot. I needed to have all the questions ready, be confident, and be able to talk with different kinds of people. I am so thankful and cannot express my gratitude enough to the […]