Squire vacation

The Rockford Squire travels to Argentina

December 29, 2011 // 0 Comments

After 13 years, Jorge Rodriguez of Rockford and his wife Wendy travel with The Rockford Squire to his home town of Mendoza, Argentina to visit with family. Argentina is the land of good sun, many vineyards and charming people. They are pictured here with Jorge’s mother Alicia, who was so excited to see her son after so many years.    

The Squire vacations in Florida

January 6, 2011 // 0 Comments

The Rockford Squire traveled along with the Altena family and friends for a quick winter getaway in Florida December 16 to 24. Their trip started out with a flight to Fort Myers and three days enjoying the beach and the restaurants, ending with the rest of the trip in Treasure Island. During their stay, they had a fantastic deep-sea fishing trip with a great haul of fish they had cooked for them by a local eatery. The group also visited Fort DeSoto and Honeymoon Island parks, where wildlife was abundant. In addition to seeing lots of osprey and a bald eagle, they saw many Michigan birds spending the cold-weather months in comfort. They didn’t see an alligator until the final day of their trip and were surprised to find a very large one in a populated St. Petersburg park. Armadillos were also on their list of hiking sights.

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