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Holiday Enchantment — December 23, 2009

December 23, 2009 // 0 Comments

Cathy’s Hallmark announces winner of nativity scene When Stephanie Porter of Ionia, a student at Aquinas College, was shopping for ornaments at Cathy’s Hallmark with her boyfriend, they saw a contest to win a nativity scene. The pair had been wanting one for their apartment, and was very excited when Stephanie received the call that she had won. The nativity scene that Stephanie won is part of the Willow Tree Collection by Demdaco, called “The Christmas Story” by Susan Lordi, which retails for $81. ‘Dear Santa’ contest brings in many kids’ letters Dear Santa, I only want one thing for Christmas it is called lego powerminers the cave cutter and a small toy bus for my autistic eight yr. old brother Benjamin Hribek. Sincerely Christopher Michae Hribek Dear Santa, This year will you please bring me a MP3 player, Board games and anything else you think I’d like, Please remember to give alot of toys to the needy. I’d also like some good Mushrooms. By the way that’s your wife’s name? Sincerely, Greta Age 9 Dear Santa Thank you for all the present and everything. I hope you can make my mom feel better. And have a merry Christmas. P.S. and a happy new year! Raven, Age 9 Dear Santa, I would like for Christmas to see my dad who lives in South Dakota. That would make me happy and I would also like some lego’s and I’ve been a good boy all year long. Thanks Santa. Love Tyler Brown Age 6 Dear Santa, I love you. Tell the elves good work. Can I please have a B.F.G. doll and a Liv. Doll and a D.S. Please and that is all. Bye Dude Santa Hayley Nowak Age 6 I love you Santa. You can bring me presents. I want a Batman house and Pirate legos. I love the reindeers. I like your Christmas tree. I like Santa’s pokey-nose. Bye Santa Brayden Nowak Age 3 Dear Santa, I would like a DSI please. I hope you have a safe ride. I hope you find the poor people who don’t have a home. Love Ben Boscher Age 7 Dear Santa Clause, Happy Christmas! I am going to list a few things I want for Christmas: A B.F.C. […]