Steven Girard

Fire Union asking for $634,000 increase in three-year contract

September 15, 2011 // 0 Comments

Plainfield, union negotiations ‘distressed’ by BETH ALTENA Negotiations between Plainfield Township and the fire union are stalled at 25 proposals for the contract for the township’s 11 full-time firefighters. Fifteen of the proposals are from the union, and ten are from Plainfield Township. On Tuesday, August 5, Steven Girard, township attorney in the negotiations, outlined the financial ramifications should the union prevail in all of its 15 disputed requests. The union proposes a three percent wage increase for each of the three years. This request would cost Plainfield Township’s tax payers $28,000 per year. The second disputed request is a longevity bonus to be paid after five and 10 years with the department. There currently is no longevity benefit. The union is asking for an additional holiday for the firefighters, which would be an additional $3,000 per year and$9,000 over the course of the three-year contract. Another request is to change the titles currently held by equipment operators, firefighters and lieutenants. The proposal is to change the title of equipment operators to lieutenants to captains, and lieutenants to be captains or battalion chiefs. According to Girard, this might not cost the township any additional money during this contract, but would certainly be a basis for pay increases during arbitration in future contracts. In arbitration, pay by title would be