Superintendent Dr. Shibler

Shibler receives glowing review in 22nd year

April 7, 2011 // 0 Comments

The Rockford Board of Education issues the following summary of Superintendent Dr. Shibler’s performance evaluation, conducted on Monday, March 14, 2011: This year, Dr. Shibler will complete his 22nd year as Superintendent of Rockford Public Schools. As in previous years, Dr. Shibler received an excellent evaluation from the Board of Trustees continuing his professional and exemplary leadership of the district. Dr. Shibler is committed to the continuous improvement of the Rockford Public Schools (RPS). Evidence of this includes his continuing leadership in creating and implementing the district’s strategic plan. This year the district completes RAMS VII and begins work on RAMS VIII. RAMS VIII will represent the eighth three-year strategic plan during his 22 years. Other examples include the Education YES! grades for the district of all A’s for the sixth straight year, AdvancED District Accreditation for the entire district, and continuing efforts as chair of the KISD Grass Roots Network. Dr. Shibler has continued as a leader and vocal advocate for K12 education locally, statewide and nationally. His leadership is sought out and highly valued in education circles, as well as by the media, the legislature, and other external sources. He is a tireless advocate for RPS and public education. Dr. Shibler’s leadership and management skills are results-oriented and his team has performed well during a challenging economic and budget environment. Teachers, staff and administrators perform at a high level under his leadership. He continues to focus on the district’s vision in providing an opportunity for a high quality education in the district for all students. He is an excellent leader and manager. Dr. Shibler has developed excellent professional relationships both inside and outside the district. He continues to lead teachers, staff and administrators to continuous quality improvement despite flat and sometimes reduced funding from the State of Michigan. While he advocates for equitable funding, he does not use lack of funding as an excuse for performance, instead focusing on continuous improvement throughout the district. Dr. Shibler possesses excellent personal qualities that help make RPS a great district. The Board once again noted his honesty, passion and confidence, noting that his honesty and integrity serve the district well in any environment, but especially the current environment. Dr. Shibler has formed close relationships with business, […]

Board lauds superintendent in annual review

February 25, 2010 // 0 Comments

The Rockford Board of Education issued the following summary of Superintendent Dr. Shibler’s performance evaluation, conducted on Monday, Feb. 22, 2010: Dr. Shibler is in the midst of his 21st year as Superintendent of the Rockford Public Schools. In the face of unprecedented financial constraints, he has again pursued and helped achieve his goal for the district of continuous improvement. The Education YES! grades for the district were all A’s for the fifth consecutive year. Student performance in academics and co-curricular activities continues to be exemplary. He maintains his role as an instructor for future educators and facilitates others on his staff to do so as well. The district has an unusually strong relationship with our surrounding community due to his skills as a liaison. Perhaps his most visible accomplishment, apart from his customary activities as superintendent, is his outstanding performance as chair of the KISD grassroots network. Legislation has been influenced and even initiated by him in Lansing. It is remarkable that he has accomplished all of this while spearheading a successful non-homestead renewal election. Dr. Shibler’s professional skills are second to none. Both generally and in a number of specialized educational fields, he is recognized as an expert on a local and statewide level. His philosophy of education can be summed up quite simply: Whatever is best for kids trumps all other factors. He is very professional and admired throughout the state. He is a phenomenal leader as evidenced by the number of individuals, both in his peer group and in the general community, who gravitate to his views on educational issues. Even if one conflicts with his position, he or she comes away with renewed respect for him. He is in almost constant demand as a spokesperson for education in West Michigan because he is extremely articulate, both orally and in his writing. Upon facing a new challenge, he is quick to perceive its parameters and pursue an effective approach to overcome it. He can be quite creative in his actions, with a voracious attention to detail. It should be noted that all of these attributes do not cloud his overall common sense that has served our district well. Dr. Shibler’s management style includes extensive and effective delegation of authority. As an […]