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September 22, 2011 // 0 Comments

Tax court case examined The Detroit Tigers have made the playoffs. They were playing on the West Coast against Oakland last week when they clinched the American League Central Division title. West Coast night games typically start at 10 p.m. here in Michigan, but it was a Friday night, so I was determined to stay up and watch them play—in case they won and did clinch a playoff spot. I wanted to see it happen. My wife, Deb, thought it was another confirmation that I have never grown up. That’s not totally true. It’s just that I love baseball and, in particular, the Detroit Tigers. My dad was a Tigers baseball fan, so I must have inherited that from him. I have said this before, but I can remember walking into Tigers Stadium for the first time like it was the day before yesterday and walking into Tigers Stadium for the last time like it was yesterday. There is something magical to me about major league baseball and the Tigers, even though they haven’t had great or even good teams over the years. Previous to this year, in my lifetime, they had only made the playoffs five times and only won the World Series twice, in 1968 and 1984. In their entire existence, which started when the American League was formed in 1901, they had only made the playoffs 12 times and won only four World Series. Compared to the New York Yankees’ 27 World Series and 49 playoff appearances, the Tigers are pikers, but they are still my team and I’m happy to root for them. Given all of their failures, when they do win, it’s all the sweeter. It’s very special to see them in the post-season. So I stayed up last Friday night, watched the game through the last pitch, and watched the post-game celebration as well. They did win and did clinch that 13th playoff spot. Now, let’s see if they can get World Series championship number five. I realize that would be a miracle, but we all know that miracles do occur. I used to have a coach who said, “Someone has to win and it might as well be us.” I say, “Someone has to win and it might […]