Teen authors

Teens win RFCU

May 21, 2009 // 0 Comments

Authors ages 13 to 18 submitted their essays and poems to Rockford Community Federal Credit Unions annual Teen Journalism Contest. All qualifying entries had to be written on the financial topics of finance, credit or loans. The entries were judged on the guidelines of creativity/presentation, content, spelling and grammar. The judges had a tough decision. In third place they chose East Rockford Middle School student Clair Marti with her essay titled “Saving Money.” The second place winner was Brenna Rafferty of North Rockford Middle School with her Poem “Loans” and the 2009 Teen Journalism contest first place winner was Emilie McNany a Squire delivery carrier of North Rockford Middle School with her story of two friends getting loan to start a small business. Good job to all who participated.