Temperatures in West Michigan

Words on Weather & Climate — December 30, 2010

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A December to remember by CRAIG JAMES I know the month of December is not quite finished yet, but it certainly has been a December to remember in many areas, even though I think it has been a rather boring month in our area. Temperatures in West Michigan are running colder than average, but there have been no record lows and no big snowstorms. In fact, at inland locations, snowfall is running around a foot below average. There have been significant lake effect snows in northwest Indiana and in Ontario downwind of Lake Huron. Near London, Ontario, up to five feet of snow fell in four days early in the month. On the 12th through the 14th, almost three feet of snow fell near Valparaiso, Ind., trapping several motorists in their cars overnight. The heaviest snowfall in Grand Rapids was just five inches on the 1st. Our area missed the heavy snow from the storm on the 11th that gave Minneapolis its heaviest snowfall in 20 years, causing the Metrodome to collapse. The NFL game was moved to Detroit and played on Monday night. I guess this is the only way Detroit will ever get a Monday Night football game. The biggest storm of the month occurred in California on the 19th through the 23rd. Some truly incredible snowfall amounts were recorded. The base station at Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort in California received 123 inches (over 10 feet) with 186 inches (over 15 feet) falling at the top of the mountain in four days. The base station has already received a record 261 inches of snow this season. In addition, a wind gust up to 164 mph was recorded at a chair lift station at an elevation of 9,951 feet. Here is photo of someone trying to find his car at the resort. As of this writing, it was already the wettest December of record in several California locations, including Death Valley, one of the driest places on Earth, where it rained over 1.51 inches in four days. The average rainfall for an entire year is just 2.28 inches. In Los Angeles, where the yearly average rainfall is 13.15 inches, over 7 inches fell in six days. Even the Hawaiian Islands were quite wet. The average […]