The Capitol Steps

REF benefit performance tickets still available

January 6, 2011 // 0 Comments

Step into the new year with a visit to the Capitol Steps. Good reserved seating is still available for the Rockford Education Foundation’s (REF) 15th annual benefit performance. Don’t wait until the last minute. The Capitol Steps is a comedic and satirical touring group whose material is always fresh and bipartisan. Appearing before sold-out audiences nationwide, the Steps make fun of everybody, especially politicians and governmental officials. Laugh along with the Capitol Steps as they poke good-natured satirical fun at the rich and powerful. Tickets for the single 8 p.m. performance on January 15 are available by contacting the REF office at (616) 863-6317.

REF to present hilarious evening of bipartisan political satire

November 24, 2010 // 0 Comments

by CLIFF AND NANCY HILL  If you failed to score a pair of tickets to last year’s “sold out” Rockford Education Foundation (REF) annual benefit performance, now is the time to act! In seeking to one-up last year’s hugely successful appearance of Second City, the REF has booked The Capitol Steps for its 15th annual benefit performance. Formed in December 1981 by a group of congressional staffers, The Capitol Steps, a bipartisan ensemble troupe, specializes in current cutting-edge political satire. The group, whose claim to fame is that they put “the mock in democracy,” happily slams both sides of the political aisle. Years later the group, which has grown from seven performers to 25, annually puts on 700 shows across the country. Thousands have taken in their regular Friday and Saturday night shows at the 600-seat Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center Amphitheater in Washington, D.C. “The Capitol Steps was an easy choice this year,” said REF Administrator Sue Arend. “With dysfunctional governance and politics on all sides, we might as well laugh rather than cry. We are already taking ticket requests from people who have seen Capitol Steps elsewhere and can’t wait for another visit with the Steps.” We have all watched Saturday Night Live, and many tune into Comedy Central for the Daily Show and the Colbert Show. But, unlike the former, the actors and actresses of The Capitol Steps “sing” their satire to the tunes older crowds have come to love. The Capitol Steps’ performer and co-writer Mark Eaton joined the group in 1993. Formerly, he worked on the Hill for 10 years before becoming a lobbyist. “We are currently taking shots in anything in the headlines,” Eaton said. “People love to laugh at the rich and powerful; they are the best targets for satire. It makes us all feel a bit better to knock a politician or public figure down a few pegs.” Tickets for a visit to The Capitol Steps would make great stocking stuffers, but with ticket sales expected to be brisk, you’d better act fast! Since 1991, the REF has quietly pursued their mission of raising funds that are then granted to community members for programs that meet the area’s education needs. To name some of many, […]

REF presents Capitol Steps for fundraiser

November 18, 2010 // 0 Comments

On Saturday, Jan. 15, 2011, Washington’s own Capitol Steps will appear at Rockford High School’s Fine Arts Auditorium at 8:00 p.m. for the 15th annual Rockford Education Foundation Benefit. The Capitol Steps began as a group of senate staffers who set out to satirize the very people and places that employed them. Since they began more than 25 years ago, the Capitol Steps have recorded over 30 billion albums, including their latest “Liberal Shop of Horrors.” They’ve been featured on NBC, CBS, ABC and PBS. Most cast members have worked on Capitol Hill; some for Democrats, some for Republicans, and others for politicians who firmly straddle the fence. No matter who holds the office, there is never a shortage of material. Tickets are on sale now for $35 (reserved seating) and are available by calling the Rockford Education Foundation (REF) office at (616) 863-6317 or visiting the website at The REF provides resources for increased educational opportunities for people of all ages in the Rockford community. Since 1991, the REF has awarded over $860,000 in grants to Rockford.