THE TAX ATTIC with Jerry Coon

Refining old, proposing new Welcome to the 2012 tax season! For tax professionals, this is a day that was on the horizon as soon as the previous tax season ended on April 15, 2011. There weren’t a lot of changes that Congress made last year. Furthermore, this is an election year so there most likely […]

THE TAX ATTIC with Jerry Coon

Congress is using new tactic   It goes without saying that our tax system is very complicated. Our Congress helps to make that system more complicated when they pass laws that are not first and foremost tax laws. Buried within those non-tax laws, however, are tax provisions; sometimes very complicated tax provisions. The most glaring […]

THE TAX ATTIC with Jerry Coon — December 16, 2010

Negotiations to benefit economy Chicago is a great place to spend a weekend. Our daughter, Kim, is working on her master’s degree at DePaul University, so visiting her provides the perfect excuse to go to Chicago and take in some of the sights. On Friday night, we went to the Christkindlmarkt in downtown Chicago. The […]

The Tax Attic with Jerry Coon — October 14, 2010

Integrity is a way of life My minister at Rockford Reformed Church, Rick Tigchon, sometimes hits a “grand slam” of a sermon. Since the baseball playoffs are in full swing, I thought I would borrow one of its terms to describe his wonderful sermon given to us this last Sunday. Since the Lions finally won […]

The Tax Attic with Jerry Coon — March 4, 2010

  Taxable Social Security income There are few items on a tax return that are more confusing or more difficult to explain to taxpayers than that of taxable Social Security. Prior to the late 1980s, Social Security was not taxable. Tax-free income is the best deaa still too good of a deal, because the law […]