Tiger Wolf Bear and Webelo Scouts Pack 3285

Cub Scouts say ‘thanks’ to Crestwood School

July 2, 2009 // 0 Comments

The tiger crouched down in the jungle in front of Crestwood Elementary School and watched as the bear and wolf went by. As soon as they passed, he was ready to spring into action. No, wild animals have not escaped the zoo and invaded Rockford. But the Tiger, Wolf, Bear and Webelo Scouts from Pack 3285 recently sprung into action as they worked to clear the overgrown weed jungle in the front flower beds of their school. This was their way of saying “thank you” to their principal, Doug Hoogerland, and Crestwood Elementary School for sponsoring their group and providing a meeting place for their activities. Led by Cubmaster Stacy Durfee, the Scouts and their families spent three work days clearing weeds, adding new bushes, and trimming and replanting the existing perennials in over 200 feet of flower beds. As a finishing touch, over six yards of landscape stone were added to the beds. Cost of the project was paid for by the Scouts’ fundraising earnings with a portion of the stone donated by Grand Rapids Gravel Co.   “This is so awesome,” exclaimed teacher Lisa Schroeder. “It is so hard to find volunteers to help keep this area neat. The change really makes the area brighter and inviting. The boys have done a wonderful job.”