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ELE fundraiser a celebration of life

November 24, 2010 // 0 Comments

By BETH ALTENA The day after the holiday where families come together to give thanks will be one where friends, family and the public are asked to gather in a celebration of life and love. The Everybody Love Everybody Stephen May Fundraiser will be held at the Assumption Catholic Church Family Life Center, 6369 Belmont Avenue, on Friday, Nov. 26 from 7 p.m. to midnight. The evening of live entertainment, raffles, a live and silent auction, food, cash bar and evening of activities is in honor of Stephen May, who lost his life this year, but is also in celebration of all he and other young people bring to life. The cost to attend is just $5 for students and $10 for adults, and will include the chance to take home some incredible prizes donated for the auctions. Proceeds go toward a scholarship fund, which will annually be given to a Rockford High School senior who personifies the “Everyone Love Everyone” (ELE) motto that Stephen May was quick to quote.  “This isn’t just for Stephen, it’s for all of them. It’s about life, it’s about loving each other” said organizer Dixie Newell. Newell said organizers and helpers for the scholarship don’t want people to think Stephen was more important or better than the other young people the Rockford community has lost. “They are all families suffering a terrible loss and absolutely their child is just as important,” she stated. According to Newell, the efforts are more about celebrating the wonderful qualities each young person brings to the world. In Stephen’s case, the memory of him as a peacemaker and his adoption of the phrase, “Everybody Love Everybody,” is just one facet of keeping alive the memory of those we have lost. Newell said it has been heartwarming to see the community respond to efforts toward the scholarship fund and as a way to help the family during this hard time. A freethrow contest held at the high school raised over $500, a Zumba fundraiser earned the fund another $200, and an event at Timbers Inn added $300. The business community, the public and classmates have been overwhelmingly supportive in donations, participation and acts of kindness, Newell and other organizers have reported. Herman’s Boy stepped up […]

Diner makes ‘robin rescue’ the order of the day

May 27, 2010 // 0 Comments

Laurie Tieman works at Wild Birds Unlimited during the day, but this animal lover proved she considers protecting our feathered friends a full-time job. Tieman was having lunch in the lovely outside eating area at Timbers Inn recently. She had been enjoying watching an American robin build a nest and then settle in to brood her eggs. On that afternoon she saw a man treating shrubs near the nest with a chemical insecticide. “I told him about the robin, but he said he’d been instructed to treat all the bushes,” Tieman stated. The owner of the business was in a meeting and couldn’t be interrupted. Tieman had a decision to make. “I stood in front of the nest and crossed my arms and said ‘Go ahead and call the cops. I’m not moving,’” Tieman explained. A tale with a happy ending, the potential conflict was resolved when owner Dean Juth came out after his meeting and told Tieman she did exactly the right thing. “Dean is at peace with nature,” Tieman said. Juth said he welcomes birds to his seating area, and a fountain attracts plenty. He said the setting is very natural, especially when the grasses get tall and provide a cozy backdrop to dining. He is mindful of the benefits of nature and has an herb garden nearby where he grows fresh herbs for use in the restaurant. “We’ve seen eagles back here,” Juth said. Tieman said she looks forward to seeing the robins hatch and hopes others will take care when using pesticides. In this case the tree was treated at the roots, just as effective and with no affect on the bird. Tieman said standing up for the robin is not out of character for her. With co-workers at Outdoor Birds Unlimited, she refers to spring as “turtle rescue season.” Turtles seeking mates and new habitat are notorious for crossing roads in spring and she has rescued plenty. Once she stopped traffic on Northland Drive in front of her store because a duck was leading her brood across the busy street. Hoping to set an example to others, Tieman said people can often help their feathered friends. It is an old wives tale that you can’t touch a baby bird or […]

News Bits — December 17, 2009

December 18, 2009 // 0 Comments

Timbers Inn goes non- smoking January 1 The State of Michigan is following Dean Juth’s move. The owner of Timbers Inn, 6555 Belding Road, has announced the restaurant and bar will go smoke free beginning January 1. “We have always had a nonsmoking dining room and the bar was the smoking room,” said Juth. “Our bookings and reservation for parties have outgrown the dining room, so it made sense to use what we have since the smoking population in our area seems to be dwindling. I know that some of the smokers will understand that it is inevitable.” Juth said he made the decision to go no smoking as of the first year because of the Valentine, Easter, Mothers Day and rehearsal dinners coming in spring. He now has more room to book those parties. “The state had tried passing the no smoking ban at least seven times in the past, but it always got hung up and then died” Juth said. “When North Carolina—the tobacco state—banned it this year,  I knew it was going to pass in Michigan so the timing for us worked well to do it January 1.” Juth said the overall reaction among his customers has been favorable, but he knows some people will be irritated by the decision. “In this economic climate if one area of your business is growing you have you have jump on it and go with it.”