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Lions Club welcomes The Sight Seer Radio Reading

June 18, 2009 // 0 Comments

At the final, formal meeting of the Rockford Lions Club, the founders and managers of The Sight Seer Radio Reading Service were welcomed as new members. New Lions Ken and Ruth Van Prooyen founded this 24/7 FREE radio reading service twenty six years ago to meet the educational and informational needs of those unable to read for themselves due to vision impairment or physical disablity.  Reading a wide variety of printed material ranging from the newspapers to novels to magazine articles, this service of 130 volunteers pride themselves on bringing the printed word to life for their impaired neighbors-twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. A FREE service, The Sight Seer started as a local broadcaster but now through the magic of the Internet is heard worldwide.  Recognizing the VanProoyen’s contribution to the blind and visually impaired, the Lion Clubs of our immediate West Michigan Area have designated this service as one of their District 11C1 Projects – and the Van Prooyens, in turn, gratefully accepted the Rockford club’s invitation to membership. Information on The Sight Seer’s FREE service is available by calling 616-235-0020 or by calling up their Web Site Echoing the Lions motto “WE SERVE”, The Sight Seer serves those shut off from the printed word.  If this is you-or someone you know,  contact The Sight Seer and “read” again.

‘Toilet to tap’ concept plugged at plant dedication

June 11, 2009 // 0 Comments

Sewer Authority Board Chairman and Rockford City Manager Michael Young called the day historic and the story courageous. The plant is the ninth largest of its kind in the entire world, and built from the initiative of five communities. According to Young, it was built with 13,500 cubic yards of concrete, the equivalent of 27 and a half tons which was brought in by 1,500 concrete trucks. There are 17,000 tons of steel in the plant, the site took in 163,000 yards of sand (the missing hill of the medical mile in Grand Rapids)  and a quarter million yards of dirt. The effluent that the plant produces from the more than four million gallons of sewage it takes in daily is cleaner than the Grand River. It also doesn’t taste half bad. Young declined to taste the liquid, which for a decade he has bragged up as “so clean you literally could drink it.” But many others at the day’s ceremony weren’t as reluctant. Plainfield Township Manager Robert Homan was joined with plant manager Larry Campbell for the first swig of the brew, which indeed looked clear if not tasty. “It’s a little funky,” Homan reported. Campbell said it was better than some city water he’s had. Homan amazed onlookers by filling his glass up again for another swig. His enthusiasm proved contagious. Former Cannon Township treasurer Dan Barker followed suit with a drink as did State Representative Tom Pearce. Plainfield Township’s clerk Scott Harvey downed a glass. Squire reporters Cliff Hill and Beth Altena were so caught up in the moment, they drank the treated sewage too. Campbell said it is almost a shame that the effluent is released into the Grand River because the quality is so good it should be put to use. He said if there was still a golf course close by he’d talk to them about taking advantage of this clean water. “As a country someday we are going to have to come to grips with the concept of ‘toilet to tap,’ ” said Campbell. He said at the high level of treatment this water receives, it wouldn’t take much to make it as clean as the water in our faucets and water bottles. “You could take it one step further […]

Start of Summer Celebration

June 11, 2009 // 0 Comments

June 12, 13 & 14, 2009 SCHEDULE OF EVENTS Friday, June 12 12:00        Carnival, Food & Craft Booths Open! 12-11pm   Lions’ Beverage Tent 12-4pm     Children’s Tent 1-4:00pm Rockford Historical Museum Open 2-7:00pm Changing Tent (sponsored by St. Peter’s Lutheran Church) 3:00pm     Kentwood Senior Steppers-senior dances 4:00pm     Dee Jay the Clown 4:30-5:30 Dee Jay the Clown-Balloon Animals 5-11pm      Shuttle Service provided by REBA 5:00pm     Aaron VandeWege-Delightful & Silly Songs for Kids 5-7:00pm Opus Mime 6:00           Rockford School of Dance 6:30pm     American Martial Arts Institute Demonstration-on Courtland Street 7-9:00pm Tim Salisbury-Comedian & Juggler 8:00pm     The Eschelon’s-Music from the ’50s & ’60s 8:00pm     American Legion presents Elvis/Tom Jones-Post 102, 330 Rockford Park Dr. Saturday, June 13 10am              Carnival, Food & Craft Booths Open 10am-11pm  Lions’ Beverage Tent 10am-11pm  Shuttle Service provided by REBA 11-7:00          Changing Tent (sponsored by St. Stephens Evangelical Lutheran Church) 11:00am        PARADE After Parade          Water Ball Demo—City of Rockford Fire Parade Dept. (Contact Chief Reus at 866-1553 to participate.) 11am-7pm    Changing Tent (sponsored by St. Peter’s Lutheran Church) 12:00pm       Rockford Area Concert Band 12-4:00pm   Children’s Tent 12:30-2:30   Opus Mime 12:30-3pm   Tours of Little Red Schoolhouse 1-4:00pm     Rockford Historical Museum Open 1:30pm         Rockford Area Orchestra 2:00pm        Frog & Turtle Race-at Chase Bank on Main St. 2:30-4:30    Dee Jay the Clown-balloon animals 3:00pm        Peri Phillips & Friends 4:30pm        Aarganik- “Organically Fused Alt Folkwave” 6:00pm       Mari Castagnaro 7:00pm       Rotary Duck Race at the Dam 8:00             The Outer Vibe Dark           FIREWORKS Sunday, June 14 10am            BridgeWay Church Service-at Garden Park 11am             Carnival, Food & Craft Booths Open 12pm            Lions’ Beverage Tent Opens 12-4pm        Children’s Tent 1:00pm       Bedlam in Rockford Bed Race-Pre-register at Rockford Independent; event day sign-up at Krause Memorial Library. 1:00pm      The Big Tiny Young Show 1-5:00pm  Changing Tent (sponsored by St. Peter’s Lutheran Church) 2-4:00pm  Dee Jay the Clown-balloon animals 3:00pm      Jeff Large-Acoustic

Start of Summer Celebration begins now

June 11, 2009 // 0 Comments

There is no reason to wait for Start of Summer fun. Rockford residents can begin enjoying beautiful downtown Rockford and the carnival in the South Squires Street lot on Thursday, June 11. As a special thank you to City residents for putting up with all the activities, the City again offers Community Night on Thursday from 5 to 10 p.m. For just $10 residents who show proof of City residency may purchase wrist bands allowing unlimited carnival rides. For Rockford residents living outside the City, enjoy the same unlimited rides at Community Night by buying the bands for just $20. Wrist bands are available at the carnival ticket booth. After Community Night, there are still three great days of fun planned for this year’s 41st annual Start of Summer Celebration. Regular events begin Friday, June 12 and run through Sunday, June 14. The carnival opens for family fun at noon on Friday along with craft and food booths downtown. Enjoy a children’s tent, Dee Jay the Clown, Delightful and Silly Songs by Aaron VandeWege, and Elvis at the American Legion at 8 p.m. and more (see schedule, pages 2 and 3. The Rockford East Business Association (REBA) is again helping with transportation by offering a free shuttle every half hour from D&W Center, MVP and Rockford Center on Friday 5 to 11 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Enjoy booths, food of all sorts, activities for all ages. The popular frog and turtle races will be back on Saturday at 2 p.m. at Chase Bank, so catch your critters soon. Also popular is the annual Start of Summer parade Satuday, June 13 beginning at 11 a.m. The parade route follows Main Street to Bridge and ends on Monroe. Fireworks will be at dusk on Saturday and can be viewed from downtown, especially near the dam. 

Little gymnast wins top spot in state competition

June 11, 2009 // 0 Comments

Rockford’s Anna Crysler is just eight years old, but an old hand at bringing home the gold. On May 17 Anna competed in the state gymnastic meet in Kalamazoo. The young gymnast ended up winning the State Championship All-Around Gold medal with a score of 37.325. She also won gold on uneven bars, silver on vault and bronze on floor exercise. Her 2008-09 season was also impressive, with 11 All-Around gold medals out of 12 meets for ages nine and under and brought in 23 gold medals in individual events. She trains four days a week since starting a recreational gymnastic class  at age five.

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