Tracy Brown

Rockford swims four state-qualifying times, several personal bests

January 14, 2010 // 0 Comments

Grandville outswims Rockford, 153-162 by DENISE WEBB Even though Rockford won its first two swim/dive meets of the season, the true test of the Rams’ depth, strength, endurance and speed came on January 7 at their first conference meet against favored Grandville. Just like last year’s closer-than-close meet, eardrum-bursting screams of excitement were endless throughout the entire thrilling meet, as these two powerhouses fought back and forth for the win. The score of the meet reflected only a one-, two- or three-point difference throughout the first eight of the 12 events. Even during the diving portion of the meet, the score remained close. A slight upset for the Rams during this event was when Grandville’s Dan Dougherty unexpectedly scored a 7.0-6.5-6.5 for his last dive of the evening, pushing Rockford diver LJ McCauley out of third place. At the end, senior Tyler Johnson and juniors McCauley and Kurt Plaggemars placed first, fourth and fifth, respectively, with Johnson (223.85 points) and McCauley (194.85 points) impressively performing personal bests. The first big turning point of the evening came at the end of the ninth event, the 200-yard freestyle relay. The score was Grandville 112, Rockford 109. Unlike individual events—which score points for the top seven out of eight finishes—in the OK Red conference meets, relay events only earn points for the first three finishes (10 points, 5 and 3, respectively). Grandville placed first and third, jumping ahead of Rockford by 11 points. Even though Grandville won first and third, the finishing times between the top four places were close, similar to how the entire meet had been. Another turning point of the evening was at the conclusion of event 11, the 100-yard breaststroke. Rockford’s senior Brian Ginebaugh (first place), junior Jared Martella (third), sophomore Daniel Newberger (fifth) and senior Ian Rosloniec (second) collectively earned 18 of the possible 29 points for the event, narrowing the score to Grandville 152, Rockford 145. The 12th and final event of the evening was the 400-yard freestyle relay. In order for Rockford to swim away with the win, the Rams had to place first, second and third in front of Grandville’s state-qualifying team of Jason Bergsma, Blake Bosworth, Daniel Torralva and Mike Wynalda. Unfortunately, Rockford placed just second and third, with […]

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